Netiquette 101: Search *Before* You Ask In Social

This is something that’s been true long before the current wave of social tools existed. Back in the days when boards and forums reigned supreme, you would have been slaughtered if you asked something without using that site’s search function first to dig up previous threads.

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September 10, 2012 Author Adam Singer In The Social Web

Organize Around Execution, Or Perish In The Modern Web

The best way for brands to achieve results in the modern web is to organize teams around execution, eliminating micro management and unnecessary approval processes. Why? In many ways marketing is now something that’s won at the edges as much as it is around the “big idea.”

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August 29, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

You Are Not An “Average” User

It is a false assumption to think everyone is like you. That they use the web the same way, the same networks, the same devices. To take this perspective will greatly hurt you from either the product-side or the agency-side.

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August 8, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

The Meta Factor Is Still Alive And Kicking

The web has always enjoyed talking about, well, the web. That’s nothing new. It was true in the days of forums and boards, in fact some of the most heated threads stemmed from meta discussions.

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May 8, 2012 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits

The Open Web (Still) Isn’t Going Away

The “web is dead” linkbait discussions are back, spurred in part by recent IPO news but also by various tech pundits (ironically enough, the discussions started at sites on the open web).

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February 6, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Web Trends and News

The Forgotten Value Of Archival Content

The web (and marketers in particular) continue to obsess over real-time. It is put on a pedestal by many who fall victim to the trap that they have to see everything new, now or that is only way web communities work.

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January 30, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR