Experienced Martech Speaker & Industry Leader Adam Singer

Have Adam Present at Your Next Tech, Marketing, PR or Vertical-Event

Adam delivering a keynote talk to Google’s largest advertisers at our annual advertising summit.

Adam presenting on measurement best practices for SocialMedia.org

In addition to being a digital marketing/PR professional, Analytics Advocate at Google, frequentlyreferenced blogger, and creative commons artist, Adam is a motivated and energetic speaker with experience delivering keynotes, panel sessions and breakout talks for over 100 industry-leading events across verticals over the last decade.

Adam giving guest lecture to advertising students at the University of Florida, his alma mater.

He has a variety of diverse speaking experience – some samples include presenting the opening keynote for the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World annual conference – to panelist participation at leading marketing industry conferences such as Webmaster World’s PubCon. He also enjoys speaking at local events, and has done so for organizations such as Miami’s web and new media community: Refresh Miami.

Adam answering attendee questions after a panel discussion at a Las Vegas marketing event.

Adam presented on the importance of using data in marketing to BrightEdge users at #Share16

Why bring Adam to speak at your next event?

  • His presentations are creative, compelling and eye-chart free to keep the audience engaged
  • He’s unafraid of bringing intelligent, heated debate to panels and thrives off discussion
  • He encourages audience interaction and gets the crowd involved and activated
  • He provides actionable takeaways that marketers and technology professionals can implement immediately when they return to their office
  • He focuses on keeping the right energy and pacing of the room in order to ensure all attendees stay engaged and are interested in learning

Speaking at Search Engine Strategies 2010 conference in Toronto, Canada

Adam presenting on Creating an Authentic Customer Connection: Data-Driven Strategic Storytelling @ Conductor C3 NYC 2017

What will Adam present?

Adam speaks on topics related to digital marketing, PR, tech and societal trends, analytics, social media, and SEO – frequently at the intersection of specializations.  He customizes presentations to specific verticals or industries, and matches content to audience demographics to ensure it will resonate.

Adam delivering a Whiteboard Friday video explainer on Mobile App Metrics that Matter

And as a hands on digital marketing and PR practitioner, Adam doesn’t share the ‘usual’ digital marketing examples many others present.  He has unique case studies based on personal projects, consulting and project implementation for B2B and B2C brands in multiple verticals.

Keynote talk given to Google Partners at the Googleplex in Mountain View

Of course, the real reason to bring Adam to your event is his ideas shared online through his writing, blog posts or videos has resonated with you. Presentations match the rhythm and personality of my writing style which is well-known in our sector. If you enjoyed a specific post topic I’ve written and would like to see that be the basis for a presentation, that’s possible and encouraged.

Additional videos of Adam presenting in different types of formats:

Adam participating on a panel at Salesforce Ventures on PR Upgraded: How to Take Your Company from Not to Hot


Adam delivering a keynote to 1500 marketers at MozCon 2015 in Seattle on building a digital analytics practice

Adam speaking @ 2012 MIMA Event: September – Modern Digital Marketing Measurement

How to book Adam for your event

Please contact me to arrange speaking at your next event (generally, two + months notice is preferred).


Speaker badges from the last few years of events – typically give anywhere from 10 – 14 talks / year and typically receives nearly 100% positive feedback. Adam currently speaks on several event circuits globally and is a pillar of our sector’s most respected conferences.