Streaming Video Outpacing Movie Theater Revenue

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All I can say is: good. Movie theaters are overpriced, unclean, offer absurdly marked up / unhealthy snacks and have not innovated at all in the last …well, as long as I have been alive.

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June 5, 2014 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits

Irrational Fear Of Data = Being Afraid Of Reality

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Bruce Feiler wrote a column in the fashion and style section of the NYT that was basically sharing his distaste for data collection and analysis. It was concurrently fearful, ignorant and just plain wrong.

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June 4, 2014 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits
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The Bold Italic Is Flirting With The Future Of Local Content


As someone who lives in (and loves) San Francisco and has been here for some time now, I am an avid reader and fan of our local publications. They all bring something unique to the table but a personal favorite of mine has been The Bold Italic.

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May 21, 2014 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits

Weather.com Sensationalist “We’re Doomed” Homepage Is Actually A Thing


My friend Andrew pointed me to a joke homepage parodying Weather.com he found on Reddit (here’s the thread for context). It looks like this

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April 29, 2014 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits

Televisions (TVs) Are Quaint & Obsolete: They’re Just Screens

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I have been making the case that cable TV has been obsolete for a long time. The notion of a dumb pipe is over / has already been disrupted and it is arrogant of an industry that you need to view content on their timetable when it is easily made available on-demand.

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April 28, 2014 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

MIT Agrees: The Internet Is Disrupting Religion


I’ve been writing about religion here for years as for some reason too many marketing and tech bloggers are uncomfortable with it. But that’s silly because it is a topic highly worth exploring from a sociological perspective.

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April 15, 2014 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits