The Meta Factor Is Still Alive And Kicking


The web has always enjoyed talking about, well, the web. That’s nothing new. It was true in the days of forums and boards, in fact some of the most heated threads stemmed from meta discussions.

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May 8, 2012 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits

Be Curious, Not Dismissive


I recall a situation in 2007 (while in the consulting space) when most businesses were barely scratching the surface with digital marketing. The story goes like this: one of my clients, a national brand that is a household name was reticent to participate in social.

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April 30, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

On Being Creative

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 8.57.57 AM

This week, I traveled to LA to speak on a panel with Sonia Simone and Peter Shankman (pictured above) at the BlueGlass internet marketing conference. Our session was on the future of public relations – you can read a summary here.

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April 26, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Inspiration

University Of Florida Takes Two Steps Backward, Cuts CS

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 6.04.34 PM

Forbes has the news that the University of Florida is basically eliminating their computer science department. As a UF graduate who took several CS classes and have friends who graduated with CS degrees and are very successful, this is, in one word: shameful.

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April 23, 2012 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits

Lessons From Blogging Less


For nearly 5 years now, I’ve written for The Future Buzz at a frequency of about 2-3 posts a week (and been publishing online for more than 8 years). I blog for the same reasons as one of my favorite authors Mitch Joel: my love of writing and my love of sharing.

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April 18, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

Some Still Think Interruption Marketing Works


AdAge recently ran a story noting (some) young consumers switch media 27 times an hour, and brands must ‘step up their creative game’ to hold consumers attention. Both of these items are true.

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April 10, 2012 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR