Me, In Quotes…

I don’t normally do posts like this, but it’s still really cool to me when others quote me or write a feature on one of my campaigns (I feel the same as Noah Brier on that).

Thought I’d share two different stories I was recently quoted in:

  • A feature on the beta test – this one is behind a paywall for 30 days on the publications site, so I had to scan it as a preview for you guys…I will link to the publication when they unlock it.

Thanks again for reading this site and also to those of you who participate in my social marketing campaigns and make things like this possible.

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August 28, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR
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The Social Web: The Ultimate Scratchpad For Passionate Communications Professionals

image credit: csb13 via flickr

As you’re already well aware, the social web is the most efficient and useful tool the world has seen for sharing messages, insights, music, videos, information — whatever you want.

You certainly are a consumer of the conversations and interactions on the web daily. You’re reading this blog post aren’t you?

But if you’re a communications professional and not a contributor on a deep level, you’re missing out on something huge. You are turning your back on a scratchpad that is so unbelievably powerful, if you saw the results from the eyes of the contributer you’d wonder why you waited so long to actually dive in.

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Ignore The Social Web At Your Own Peril

image credit: victoriapeckham via flickr

As someone who works at a firm with a diverse array of clients, I spend a good deal of time reading trade publications across industries. It is always interesting to me when they go into how the specific industry in question is using technology and the web.

The non-tech trade publications actually do a pretty good job of covering things their industry is doing on the web. Never quite as good as the web publications written by web pros, but of course those are written by people who work in this space 24/7.

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Responding To User Generated Content: EA Gets It

It’s still a novelty that in a world of user generated content, a monolithic organization would take the time to respond to a message – especially in an unexpected and totally creative way.

This is the response by EA Sports to a video that a Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08 fan posted on YouTube 1 year ago:

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August 24, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

10 Tips For How To Choose The Best Web Designer

college of design

image credit: amayzun via flickr

What I work best with as a marketing professional are finished web products, blogs and web sites. And, when it’s something which has been designed properly, logically and cleanly – all the online marketing/PR/advertising and social media promotions really compliment something that has been created with usability and SEO in mind.

Without a properly designed site, however,you are already at a huge disadvantage with trying to grow your brand on the web to your competitors who are doing it better. Trying to grow a web property that wasn’t built properly through social media marketing is like trying to put a jet engine on a car. Yeah, it might go a little faster, but it’s still not going to fly.

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August 21, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Branding, Digital Marketing and PR

The Difference Between Living Life And Not

image credit: fort photo (via flickr)

Not everyone has passion. Not everyone is moved emotionally by what they do. And, that’s extremely unfortunate. But fortunately, you are not like everyone else.

The winning organizations in every industry are filled with passionate, vocal, active people (also, we have more fun doing what we do). To us, it isn’t even really ‘work’ in the sense that it flows naturally and feels more like creative freedom.

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August 19, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Inspiration