Findability, The Long Tail Of Search And Building Deep Interactions


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Is your business findable? Are you findable? These are key questions. Yes, you may think you’re findable, but just how findable are you really? It is highly worth testing.

In the last 30 days alone, well over 1,000 absolutely unique people found this blog through Google. That isn’t even my highest traffic source (social media is above and beyond the highest), but I want to focus on the Google traffic to this site just for a minute to share with you why this matters for your business/blog/online store/whatever you’re doing on the web.

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September 5, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Blogging, Branding, Digital Marketing and PR, SEO
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Influencing Social Media: What Drives Digg And Reddit Users

Disclaimer to Digg and Reddit users who also read my blog: this post is to educate those external of these communities. If you’re an active member of either of these sites, the content below may not be new to you.

Digg and Reddit are two of the most powerful communities of social media users on the web. They are the evolution of message boards and message forums that were the previous forefront of the social web (and continue to be popular as well).

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Where Are The Digital Natives?

Ken Kadet, an independent communications consultant (previously an agency guy) left a great comment here the other day that got me thinking.

Let me pull out the part I want to focus on:

“Back at the agency, we kept waiting for the Digital Natives to show up, but they never did. There are plenty of 20-somethings entering the workforce with no clue how social networking can be used for anything beyond posting a plastic-beer-cup toast on Facebook, let alone marketing.”

I think it’s interesting he makes that point, as I grew up building computers, making websites, interacting online and ultimately being passionate about technology for as long as I can remember. I figured most of my peers had as well, at least the ones who saw how incredible the emerging tool was for society. It was just too cool of a movement not to be a part of.

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August 31, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

Me, In Quotes…

I don’t normally do posts like this, but it’s still really cool to me when others quote me or write a feature on one of my campaigns (I feel the same as Noah Brier on that).

Thought I’d share two different stories I was recently quoted in:

  • A feature on the beta test – this one is behind a paywall for 30 days on the publications site, so I had to scan it as a preview for you guys…I will link to the publication when they unlock it.

Thanks again for reading this site and also to those of you who participate in my social marketing campaigns and make things like this possible.

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August 28, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR
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The Social Web: The Ultimate Scratchpad For Passionate Communications Professionals

image credit: csb13 via flickr

As you’re already well aware, the social web is the most efficient and useful tool the world has seen for sharing messages, insights, music, videos, information — whatever you want.

You certainly are a consumer of the conversations and interactions on the web daily. You’re reading this blog post aren’t you?

But if you’re a communications professional and not a contributor on a deep level, you’re missing out on something huge. You are turning your back on a scratchpad that is so unbelievably powerful, if you saw the results from the eyes of the contributer you’d wonder why you waited so long to actually dive in.

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Ignore The Social Web At Your Own Peril

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As someone who works at a firm with a diverse array of clients, I spend a good deal of time reading trade publications across industries. It is always interesting to me when they go into how the specific industry in question is using technology and the web.

The non-tech trade publications actually do a pretty good job of covering things their industry is doing on the web. Never quite as good as the web publications written by web pros, but of course those are written by people who work in this space 24/7.

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