Are Local Print Community Newspapers Dead?

The functions of a traditional, printed community newspaper are to:

  • Tell stories that have meaning locally
  • Unite small communities
  • Provide community calendars and event listings
  • Bring hyper-local issues to light
  • Provide ads for relevant local businesses

Unfortunately, many hyper local papers are dying off instead of evolving. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if, in addition to the above mentioned traditional items offered by a print publication, local community news organizations could serve to:

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For Music and News Industries, Power is Now With the People


I have strong thoughts and passion on this subject, and decided to put down just some in a feature connecting the music and news industries with a little history, the future and why everyone needs to come together and not fight change.

As both an artist and someone who works closely with the media industry, I believe I have a unique perspective on how similar the challenges are facing both of these industries and how it is unfortunate that the big players are using their positions of power to destroy a beautiful evolution of technology and communication.

This evolution ultimately will impact society in an incredibly positive way, bringing down the gatekeepers and creating a completely open and free cultural and information economy.

That is, if we (the independents) can win, and the laws are not bent to the fortune of the few when the power of the many is what will most benefit humanity.

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On the Limits of Meta and Overcoming Them

My regular readers know that I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. Have a look at the amount of times I’ve mentioned him on this site – he’s a great source of inspiration for me, no denying it.

Seth’s post yestarday got me thinking. It’s one of his classic, pithy posts that he has mastered the art of. Here’s the whole thing, minus the last sentence which didn’t have to do with this discussion:

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Are They Qualified to be Social Media Marketing Experts?

A lesson in corporate blogging
I wrestled with whether I should blog about this – but I think it is worthwhile to write this up to show you a great example of what not to do on a corporate blog.

This is of course, my personal blog, and I have a clear disclaimer right at the top. I make zero claim to tie anything on this site to the firm I work with – these are entirely my own thoughts.

A corporate blog is a far different animal. Depending on what your corporation is, you may be able to venture into some debate, but at least do your research first, and be open to fixing something if you post the wrong facts.

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Startup Idea: A Social Network / Web Service Connecting Bloggers with Public Relations People

This post is the first in a new category on The Future Buzz called startup ideas. This category will feature content about services, .coms and social networks that could potentially be hits in the marketing/public relations industry and beyond.

The current solution

ProfNet is a great service for the PR industry. If you’re unfamiliar, ProfNet is (quoted from their site):

“An online community of nearly 14,000 professional communicators, ProfNet was created in 1992 to connect reporters easily and quickly with expert sources at no charge. We now provide this same free service to other professionals looking for experts, including:

• Academic Researchers
• Authors/Screenwriters
• Bloggers
• Consultants
• Corporate Researchers
• Financial Analysts
• Government Officials
• Industry Analysts
• Meeting Planners
• PR and Marketing Professionals
• Publishers

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A Few Updates and a Hello to New Readers

Last week was exciting for me, as I’ve had my third piece of content hit page one of Digg (see all my popular Digg stories here). If you’re a new reader here, thanks for stopping by. I’ve recently updated my new to The Future Buzz page where I spent some time highlighting my favorite postings on this site – worth checking out for old and new readers alike.

If you’d like up to date, unique and relevant strategies, case studies and tips for spreading buzz on the web – you have come to the right place. PR pros, marketers, bloggers web-entrepreneurs and everyone looking to spread ideas online will find useful content here.

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