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Entrepreneurial Journalism And Writers As Brands

In something which is hard to witness as both a PR professional and writer, thousands of journalists around the country at major newspapers are being laid off or offered severance packages to quit. You’ve probably read local stories in whatever area of the country you’re in about downsizing and layoffs at your major daily of choice. You may have also seen your local community newspapers closing their doors.

I have written previously on how newspapers have much to learn about the web (and they do), and how local community newspapers need to evolve, but let’s not focus on the people making the decisions who have unfortunately ignored the writing on the wall. Let’s focus instead on the journalists, and all people who write for a living.

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Geeks: The New Influencers

As a student in high school, I certainly was thought of by my peers as a “geek” (as if you didn’t guess that already). Putting tags on people is something I never personally understood, although I’ve noticed most do it unconsciously. My peers perceived me as a geek, but the funny thing is it never bothered me. I always embraced what I saw as true to myself and never sacrificed my beliefs or values purely to fit in.

What’s the point of opening this post like this? Well, on the net – what wins? Certainly not the vanilla, not the middle-of-the-road, and not the content that exists purely to fit in. There’s far too much of that in our world, and the web sees through it.

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How To Effectively Target Specific Networks Or Groups Of People

Yesterday I wrote on how the only way to build a sustainable web brand was not to play only to networks and try to get big spikes in traffic, but to build your brand slowly, methodically and organically. I stick by this.

Well, what if you don’t care about building a web brand or sustainable traffic. What if you really do want a one-hit wonder, or want to get a large amount of fleeting attention to just one thing or one idea. Today I thought I’d give you a quick strategy to do just that.

Please keep in mind this is the antithesis of yesterday’s advice for building a sustainable brand and sustainable traffic. This is a strategy to create a big hit for one specific idea, video, image, article – you name it. If you’re going to use technique on your blog, I highly suggest using it sparingly.

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July 22, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Blogging, The Social Web

Organic Traffic Building: The Only Way To Grow A Sustainable Web Brand

Yes, Digg is awesome. I know, I’ve had my content reach page 1 several times and send me 10,000+ absolutely unique visitors in one day.

But, unfortunately here’s the truth: Digg and other social media sites are not overnight king-makers of your brand on the web.

Sure, social media is fantastic for bringing your brand to the attention of a huge community of people and spreading your ideas. But, if your goal is to build a sustainable web brand for influence or monetization purposes you cannot rely on social media alone to build your traffic and hits.

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The Rise of Personal Branding

Are you a leader or a follower?

A huge trend across the spectrum of professional industries is personal branding.

Thanks mostly in part to blogs and social media, there exists an exciting new landscape to easily see who the all-stars are in every field.

Simply handing someone a resume is already dated. If you’re a professional and think a strong resume and great references will win you a high level position in the future, think again.

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Are Local Print Community Newspapers Dead?

The functions of a traditional, printed community newspaper are to:

  • Tell stories that have meaning locally
  • Unite small communities
  • Provide community calendars and event listings
  • Bring hyper-local issues to light
  • Provide ads for relevant local businesses

Unfortunately, many hyper local papers are dying off instead of evolving. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if, in addition to the above mentioned traditional items offered by a print publication, local community news organizations could serve to:

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