Your Resume Is Meaningless (And Building Career Security, Not Job Security)

Resumes and some observations

Do you want an average job with average pay? Do you like following the rules? Are you content to settle for mediocre at best? If yes, stop reading here – this article is not for you.

For everyone else, read on.

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Great Customer Service: The Ultimate PR/Marketing Tool

Earlier in the week I wrote on the terrible customer service I received from JetBlue and how to avoid these traps for your brand. Today I have the opposite example to share with you: great customer service and how it is the ultimate marketing/PR tool in an age where we’re all connected.

Currently I’m staying in Chicago at the Talbot Hotel, a hotel I found via Google and read positive reviews on throughout the web. I knew their customer service was stellar from the raving reviews of previous guests, and it also was in the perfect location for where I needed to be in the city – I figured it was the ideal choice.

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August 7, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Branding, Digital Marketing and PR

Lessons In Marketing/PR From The Airline Industry

Only have internet for a moment so I want to post this up – fair warning, this might be a little raw (haven’t had time to edit as I’m busy traveling).

My flight Monday morning wasn’t delayed – it was all-out canceled

This week, I’m flying to New York and then Chicago for a client. Monday I woke up extra early and made my way to the airport two hours prior to my flight, as I knew that there had been reports of chaos for travelers this summer.

Checked my bags, (in hindsight a big mistake, don’t do this if you can help it) made it through security and then sat down for a breakfast and coffee.

Went to my gate after breakfast and had a seat adjacent to the boarding area where I started writing an article for this site (you’ll see that one eventually). Anyway, all of a sudden, the board lit up saying my flight to LaGuardia been delayed.

Fine, I can deal with delayed, I understand that prepping an aircraft and getting things organized for flight is something that takes time. Or, perhaps my plane simply wasn’t in yet and delayed at its previous destination. I get it; being exactly on time isn’t something that they can guarantee 100% to be on time, we’re human.

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August 5, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Branding, Digital Marketing and PR

Clear Your Mental RAM

Take a step back

Taking stock of life, situations and slowing down to look at things carefully from a different perspective is the perfect way to refresh our minds and “clear out our mental ram” so to speak (yes, I love computer analogies).

If you’re reading this, I’ll take a guess that you’re someone who already has goals and direction with life, and already are accomplishing great things. I highly doubt you’re someone who is wasting their life away in front of a TV screen.

But even when we’re experiencing great successes from our hard work, it is vital to analyze where we are spending our precious time and energy, and ensure it is supporting what we want to accomplish as beings with finite lifespans.

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August 1, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Inspiration

25 Examples Of Clean, Effective And Beautiful Web Design

Lately I’ve been having conversations with several people about what is clean, effective and beautiful web design. Seems like I inspired a few of my professional and casual acquaintances to start their own blog from my post on the importance of building your personal brand.

I’m really glad to be motivating people and never have a problem answering questions. Since I had a few people ask me similar questions about what is great design, I thought I’d put some examples together. (Side note: this is yet another great reason why you should have a blog: you can “reply to all” in an open format, along with discussion and just relink to it in the future when the subject comes up again.)

I probably view more than 1,000 websites each week, so when something is unusually good it stands out from the clutter. The web is expanding an incredible amount daily – with both well designed and poorly designed sites. With such a tremendous amount of competition, standing out is a huge key to success.

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Entrepreneurial Journalism And Writers As Brands

In something which is hard to witness as both a PR professional and writer, thousands of journalists around the country at major newspapers are being laid off or offered severance packages to quit. You’ve probably read local stories in whatever area of the country you’re in about downsizing and layoffs at your major daily of choice. You may have also seen your local community newspapers closing their doors.

I have written previously on how newspapers have much to learn about the web (and they do), and how local community newspapers need to evolve, but let’s not focus on the people making the decisions who have unfortunately ignored the writing on the wall. Let’s focus instead on the journalists, and all people who write for a living.

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