Breaking Through The Clutter

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Gathering the crowd is only the beginning

Building an audience and creating a following are just the first steps before truly amazing things happen with your ideas and communications on the web. Once you’ve gathered a crowd and built your network, that’s when the real fun starts. That’s when you get the chance to let your creativity shine.

Without creativity and without inspiring people to action, what good is having access to a niche group that has said “yes, I want to hear from you.” Global, multi-directional communication is exciting and empowering, I agree. But, the tools aren’t novel to many of us anymore – the tools themselves have moved into the background (and actually, that’s when they become most interesting).

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October 27, 2008 Author Adam Singer In The Social Web

The Future Buzz Finally Gets A New Design (And A Quick Update)

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Due to recently spending some time editing a few of my other sites, I came to the conclusion that I was overdue to get a fresh look here. Email and RSS users, if you’d like to see the new design, click though to check it out.

After carefully looking at my old theme, I decided to go for something simple, as the more I thought about it the more I realized my sidebar was simply presenting too much content. Less is definitely more, and I already like the look of things here better. The old theme (thanks Daniel at DailyBlogTips) served me well for about a year, but it definitely was time for something new.

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October 26, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Meta

65 Bite-Sized Web Marketing Tips

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I write lots of detailed, in-depth posts for you at The Future Buzz about social media, marketing, PR and creating buzz on the web. In the spirit of changing things up, today I thought I’d simplify and offer you some quick tips broken into bits.

65 Bite-Sized Web Marketing Tips

1) Keep sites as simple and clean as possible.

2) Be interesting with everything you put out there.

3) Keep your site up to date and fresh, give users a legitimate reason to come back.

4) Have clear RSS and email subscriptions options on every page of your blog or website.

5) Take your time, create a plan, follow it step by step (traffic isn’t going to fall out of the sky).

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Your Marketing Is (Most Likely) Dated

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The slow shrinking of mainstream, one-size-fits-all; the massive growth of customization and personalization

Millions of people no longer watch TV, and many that do skip the ads with Tivo. Print newspapers and magazines are dying a slow and painful death (although a few smart ones have evolved and are thriving). Even web users use ad-block plus to skip the ads in Firefox.

How does your organization get its messaging out? Yesterday it was done through carefully crafting messages pushed out onto channels others had built – the ones I mentioned above. The ones that are becoming less effective and losing influence daily.

The old way was paying to use someone else’s monolithic channel. The world is obviously moving against this, it is one of the simultaneously most clear yet most ignored trends in communications. People scoff at the notion that the TV to consumer model isn’t forever broken. It is, and the world is not changing back. People who wake up from their mass media slumber don’t fall back asleep.

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Career Security, Not Job Security (Part 2)

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There were alot of great comments on my post awhile ago: your resume is meaningless (and building career security, not job security). Please take a moment to read it if you haven’t, as I want to build upon what I wrote there.

I think this issue is relevant again because of the state of the economy. I get the sense that some people are fearing for their jobs. Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture you should never live a single day of your life with any fear – there is no reason for it. It’s simply not a productive use of life. Not if you want to be remarkable and reach your full potential.

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October 18, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Inspiration, Opinions, Randomness

8 Ways To Ensure Your Website Or Blog Never Reaches Its Search Traffic Potential

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Search engine traffic is the lifeblood of many websites and blogs. If you’re not getting any of it, you’re missing out on highly targeted traffic and attention that is instead going to your competitors.

The common question people ask is: how do I get search engine traffic to my blog or to my website? There are tons of strategies for that, and at the end of this post in the related links sections I’ll point you to some great resources.

Instead of answering the obvious question (most people do know how to draw search engine traffic at this point), let’s go through the opposite so you’ll know what to avoid:

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October 16, 2008 Author Adam Singer In SEO