Shouldn’t SEOs Rank Well? Shouldn’t Web Pros Blog?

Agencies or people that offer SEO services, yet don’t rank well in search engines for key phrases or receive much, if any traffic.

Web professionals who you Google and find they don’t have their own blog and a large digital footprint.

Marketing companies or individuals that do blog, but don’t inspire traffic, links or comments on their site.

Are you weary of these things? I certainly am.

What chance does a company or person that can’t deliver real results for themselves have of delivering real results for you?

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September 27, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

Use The Brand Building Strategies Of Bloggers And Social Media Startups To Grow E-Commerce

Read a great post recently at Twist Image on selling 2.0 – letting the customer do the communicating. Mitch writes on the great strategy used by e-commerce sites for empowering consumers to be vocal about products and what they like and don’t directly on the same page as the product.

Amazon comes to mind as a site that does this extremely well. When making a purchase (which is pretty frequently as I’m addicted to reading) I always read the consumer reviews there, especially when it comes to new authors. The consumer reviews always tell the real story about the product. And everyone knows it, I am willing to bet a heat-map of an Amazon product page shows consumers spending more time reading reviews than the publisher copy someone painstakingly drafted.

Why is this? Simple – we know the publisher copy is going to gush praise. While it is worthwhile in getting someone’s attention and providing them an intro, what provides real value in a consumer site that is unfamiliar territory with a potential new visitor is other consumer’s opinions and thoughts. It is social proofing.

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Social Media Power Users And Influencers: Part 1

image credit: fred cavazza (click image for high resolution version)

A major aim of The Future Buzz (as seen in the tag line at the top of this blog) is helping you create buzz on the web. If you’re reading this, certainly one of your goals is to become a power user of social media or high profile blogger, and/or learn how to bend the network to your advantage.

As such, it is prudent to learn what others have done/are doing successfully at the edge. Studying how social media power users (or influencers, same thing) create and share information, ideas and trends with the world and their interactions with their carefully built networks is vital to becoming one yourself.

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September 24, 2008 Author Adam Singer In The Social Web, Web Influencers

Technorati’s 2008 State Of The Blogosphere Released

Every year, Technorati, the authority blog database and search engine releases a “State of the Blogosphere” where they document the progression of blogs as a medium and their influence in our culture.

I touched on a few of these statistics already in my post from Sunday on the digital divide. However, now that more detailed information has been released, I thought I’d put some of it here to spread the good news of the blogosphere’s growth with all of you.

Some snapshots from the State of the Blogosphere 2008:

“The word blog is irrelevant, what’s important is that it is now common, and will soon be expected, that every intelligent person (and quite a few unintelligent ones) will have a media platform where they share what they care about with the world.”

–Seth Godin, Author Tribes (blog is: sethgodin.typepad.com)

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September 22, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

Just How Large Is The Business World’s Digital Divide?

image credit: pbo 31 via flickr

I’ve been traveling this past week – and Thursday morning as I stepped out of my hotel room for a series of meetings, I noticed a usual sight: a copy of USA Today sitting at the steps of my door.

And, my usual response was to pull it inside my room and set it aside where it remained unopened and unread. Perhaps a better idea would be to bring it downstairs and ask them kindly to save the energy and paper and not deliver my news in this arcane format.

As I have said before, the whole idea of someone bringing you news as words printed on paper with ink in the digital age is a quaint and archaic notion. It is wasteful, harmful to the environment and pretty much irrelevant.

I enjoyed my breakfast while reading RSS feeds through my iPhone – where I am receiving exactly the information I want without ads that are of no meaning to me and without articles that don’t pertain to my world or industry. There is only a fleeting amount of time daily, there is no reason to waste time reading something that was designed for a previous era. The one-size-fits-all, shotgun approach is over. Let the age of customization begin.

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10 Reasons Why Organizations (And Individuals) With Audiences Win

image credit: adstream via flickr

Smart organizations and individuals across industries are building their brands through gathering organic audiences and encouraging dialogue.

By organic, I mean people who have opted-in to receive messages. And, encouraging dialogue not only between individuals and the organization, but also between fans of their brand as well. When you function as a connector, you become even more valuable to your audience than merely providing content.

Blogs function great as connectors because they publish not only a reader’s name but a link to their blog or website when they comment. So, when someone posts an interesting comment, it not only adds to the conversation on-site, but it allows the readers of that comment to potentially connect with the writer.

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