Startup Idea: A Social Network / Web Service Connecting Bloggers with Public Relations People

This post is the first in a new category on The Future Buzz called startup ideas. This category will feature content about services, .coms and social networks that could potentially be hits in the marketing/public relations industry and beyond.

The current solution

ProfNet is a great service for the PR industry. If you’re unfamiliar, ProfNet is (quoted from their site):

“An online community of nearly 14,000 professional communicators, ProfNet was created in 1992 to connect reporters easily and quickly with expert sources at no charge. We now provide this same free service to other professionals looking for experts, including:

• Academic Researchers
• Authors/Screenwriters
• Bloggers
• Consultants
• Corporate Researchers
• Financial Analysts
• Government Officials
• Industry Analysts
• Meeting Planners
• PR and Marketing Professionals
• Publishers

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A Few Updates and a Hello to New Readers

Last week was exciting for me, as I’ve had my third piece of content hit page one of Digg (see all my popular Digg stories here). If you’re a new reader here, thanks for stopping by. I’ve recently updated my new to The Future Buzz page where I spent some time highlighting my favorite postings on this site – worth checking out for old and new readers alike.

If you’d like up to date, unique and relevant strategies, case studies and tips for spreading buzz on the web – you have come to the right place. PR pros, marketers, bloggers web-entrepreneurs and everyone looking to spread ideas online will find useful content here.

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Using an Internet Meme for Fun and Profit: Lolcats and I Can Has Cheezburger (Case Study)

Did you LOL yet?
Obvious part out of the way: Lolcats are a hugely popular internet meme. If you’re unfamiliar with what an Lolcat is, well it’s actually quite simple. The meme involves combining a photo of a cat with some quirky text to create a humorous image (I included a few in my 50 Viral Images article).

Here’s just one recent Lolcat photo:
Sample LOL Cat
There are an immeasurable number of Lolcat images floating around the web across platforms. If you Google lolcat, you’ll get more than a million results.

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The Quandary It Must Be

Some background

My major during college was not marketing. I studied it as an outside concentration and took the basic courses (part of the requirement to get my degree), but it was never my main focus. Interestingly enough, here I am as a marketing professional, working on national campaigns and seeing big results for ideas I’ve created.

At the same time, I have friends who did study marketing as their main focus. Sadly, many of them are still searching for jobs in the field, or have given up and gone into other areas of business, hoping one day to switch to a position in marketing (marketing is apparently a pretty hard field to get into).

How I learn

I was always highly interested in psychology, sociology and philosophy and have read countless books on each of these subjects. Being a student of the mind, society and humanity might be what prepared me to be a marketing professional more than anything else. Or perhaps it was the fact that always I loved writing and putting together/remixing content that I thought people would enjoy and share.

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July 3, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

A Guilty Pleasure of the Blogosphere and Social Media: Lists

Yes, they’re popular. And yes, you probably secretly like them even if you complain and post negative comments every time one graces page one of Digg. Of course, I’m talking about lists (top 10 lists, top 100 lists, top 9000 lists, you name it).

Lists are a popular way to arrange content on the web for a number of reasons. Wait for it – I’m going to list them.


  • Are scan-able
  • Provide easy to read and consume content
  • Have the novelty factor
  • Are many times “must-share” content
  • Engage people
  • Are at times humorous, entertaining or incredible
  • Are a strong social web meme
  • Get strong traffic

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10 Reasons Your Small Business Should Have a Blog

As I’ve written previously, your small business website is the most powerful tool in your arsenal to sell your company’s services.

While I did give a brief mention in that post that your small business website should have a blog, I wanted to go through some of the reasons why this is so vital.

Here’s 10 basic reasons your small business should have a blog:

Prove you’re ahead of the curve
Do your competitors have blogs? Guaranteed at least some of them do, and you can bet that potential clients are reading them. If a client was looking for a cutting-edge company to employ, having a well-written, professional blog would definitely be a nod in that direction.

Show your passion

Having a blog allows you to really draw out the conversation and show your passion as a small business. Your static webpages can open the dialog, but the blog is what differentiates you as a passionate business owner and someone who really provides the best product. It’s a good way to stand out from the pack.

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June 30, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Blogging