Not Engaging In Social? Fine. But Own Your Brand, Set Expectation

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There was recently an interesting conversation that happened on Twitter between a comedian and (what turned out to be) an impostor pretending to be a major brand (Pace Salsa). You can read the whole story here.

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December 3, 2013 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

Not Everyone Needs to Be a Wrecking Ball


Now more than ever, it seems celebrities are increasingly using controversy as a branding strategy. After all: no press is bad press, right?

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November 27, 2013 Author Guest Author In Digital Marketing and PR

TV Is Over: Digital Is The Canonical Place For Ads


I’m still shocked by the inequality brands spend on dusty, dated marketing tactics like TV advertising as opposed to focusing (contextually-relevant) ads on places people actually spend time.

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November 19, 2013 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

Why We Won’t Run Your Guest Post


If you run an even remotely popular site, you likely get submissions for guest content. And while I will always allow passionate people to share unique ideas here, I haven’t built a community for 6+ years to let anyone spam you. I ruthlessly guard the signal to noise ratio.

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November 14, 2013 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR

Remaining 300 Blockbuster Stores Finally Put Out Of Their Misery


As if the decline of cable TV wasn’t obvious enough (I wish we could expedite the end of the ‘dumb pipe’ even faster) anyone with a pulse knows the physical video rental model has long been over.

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November 6, 2013 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits

For Students, Inexperience Breeds Overconfidence


I always believe there is more to learn, more to accomplish and work to keep an attitude of ‘expert at nothing.’ Expert implies total understanding which is not really possible in anything. You can always go deeper.

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October 31, 2013 Author Adam Singer In links, quick bits