Ignore The Social Web At Your Own Peril

image credit: victoriapeckham via flickr

As someone who works at a firm with a diverse array of clients, I spend a good deal of time reading trade publications across industries. It is always interesting to me when they go into how the specific industry in question is using technology and the web.

The non-tech trade publications actually do a pretty good job of covering things their industry is doing on the web. Never quite as good as the web publications written by web pros, but of course those are written by people who work in this space 24/7.

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20 Tips for Pitching Bloggers

Marketers, PR people, artists, even other bloggers want what they are doing to be written about on blogs. This doesn’t always play well with the fact that bloggers are an independent bunch and love to come up with posts entirely on their own. But, that’s not to say they aren’t influenced by what is happening […]

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A Case Study in Building Buzz in the Blogosphere: Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

Case study of Joffrey’s Java Beta Test Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company had a desire for a web campaign with international results and millions of impressions on the Web. Their goals were to drive traffic to their site, increase buzz and branding in social media and the blogosphere and create a promotion which played into […]

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Creating Ideas That Spread – Don’t Target Specific Networks or Channels, Target Niches and Worldviews

Communications channels have been forever fragmented into: Hundreds of cable channels Millions of blogs A plethora of social networks Thousands of magazines and publications of all types both online and offline I could go on, but you get the idea… Everything has been diced and diced again, and the way news/information can be received is […]

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10 Things All Bloggers Want

Spreading messages successfully and organically throughout the blogosphere is something every PR person dreams of. But before you can even think about devising a way to spread whatever it is you want to spread, you need to understand the motivation behind bloggers first. Attempting to try to create a buzz in the blogosphere without having […]

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