Case Study – Escapist Magazine / Zero Punctuation: Building Popularity By Teaming Up With An Exceptional Content Creator

I’ll be honest before going into this – I’m a fan of both The Escapist and Zero Punctuation. Yahtzee consistently makes me laugh, and even though I dig computer and electronic games, he has cross-genre appeal to anyone who enjoys a sharp wit, unique sense of humor and plenty of originality – not purely gaming […]

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MySpace And Facebook – The Modern AOL And Prodigy

MySpace, Facebook and the like – the most popular places on the Internet, are filled with the banal, the trite, and the overdone. They are digital clones of our high schools all over again – people fighting for popularity, more pseudo-friends, and more comments. They all want attention, and they want it now.

This is the antithesis of the blogosphere and deep social web where users are interested in having complex conversations and discussions, and drawing things out with continued debate, all in unique spaces. Sure, bloggers and power users are involved on these monolithic social networks, but really for the intrepid person, the hugely popular social networking sites (read: not social news sites like Digg and Reddit) are boring.

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NBC 11 In California Experiences The Digg Effect

NBC 11 reports on Bay Area local news, entertainment, weather, traffic, etc. along with relevant national content – just like any other local news station. So how exactly is their traffic recently spiking to these tremendous numbers? They’re not a national news outlet, nor did the Bay Area recently experience a huge jump in population. The answer is actually quite simple: they learned about packaging news for Digg and social media.

I’ve recently noticed a pattern on Digg: stories submitted from NBC 11 are consistently going popular. They are taking advantage social media in a huge way, have a look at all the stories from the site that have hit page 1 of Digg.

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Social Media And Artists – A Natural Fit

I used to be into the DJ thing in my college days, prior to finding my passions of web marketing and writing original music. The other day, however, I was pondering the things I did as a DJ to promote myself to gain a following and gigs. It was mostly in-person networking and building connections […]

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