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Become A Beacon On The Digital Landscape

A beacon is an intentionally conspicuous device designed to focus attention on a specific location.

Visualize what image the word beacon conjures in your mind: perhaps a lighthouse casting light onto an otherwise dark horizon, or a signal fire atop a hill illuminating the night sky. In the physical world, a beacon is used to draw attention, act as a guide, or call to action. Civilizations have long used beacons to rally citizens together, protect ships from coastlines, and act as signal points.

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July 5, 2009 Author Adam Singer In The Social Web
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The Meta Factor

In epistemology, the theory of knowledge, the prefix meta is used to describe about (its own category). For example, a metablogger would be a blogger who writes about blogging.

As someone who spends a great deal of time as contributor, participant and observer of a pretty diverse array of web communities, I find the meta aspect fascinating. What I mean by this is without fail, every community enjoys having discussions about itself. It’s something not usually stated directly within the communities, but it’s a reality.

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June 29, 2009 Author Adam Singer In The Social Web

Social Media And Web Publishing: Interview With John Boitnott

As part of my ongoing series documenting and analyzing social media power users and influencers, I thought it would be interesting to learn from industry-current professionals making a difference in the space.

John Boitnott, Social Media Strategist at Village Voice Media was kind enough to answer some of my questions. Village Voice Media owns and operates 15 of the largest weekly newspapers across the US. John has more than 15 years experience in both traditional and new media, is a top Digg user, and is skilled at developing ultra-popular web content.

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June 9, 2009 Author Adam Singer In The Social Web, Web Influencers

More Retweets? Why Bother, Go For More Shares Across Platforms

Let me preface this by stating that I really do like Chris Brogan – I link to him frequently, share his posts across social media, and am a fan of what he does. But, if the blogosphere is great at one thing – it is bringing all sides to something, which I’d like to spend a minute doing.

Chris wrote a post yesterday titled: Spread Your Wings- Get More Retweet Action Today. I’m not sure why this rubbed me the wrong way, maybe it is because I think it is a better strategy to make good content that isn’t tailored to a specific platform than try and design something for one network.

After reading through his post/comments and thinking about how much has been written on Twitter-specific strategies as of late, I have a few points I’d like to remind everyone:

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Learning From Power Users And Influencers

There has been some good feedback from readers about the social media power users and influencers series – and I plan to continue writing these to share more smart, influential people with you. The real value here isn’t to scan my posts though, the value is to study what makes these people successful in spreading ideas so you can learn what they do right.

Before drafting additional parts in this series, I thought it would be interesting to note some things I have learned from studying influencers who are successful at spreading ideas across platforms. These are takeaways if you too seek to build a trusted following:

Be positive

People are tired of those who are overly negative, cynical or jaded. Simply put, the world has enough of that – be the change you want to see, and others will gather around you. Optimism spreads to others just as negativity does.

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May 20, 2009 Author Adam Singer In Web Influencers

Find A Friend, Start A Project

That’s your new mission. My friend Eric Friedman and I recently started work on a new side project (what he likes to call a sandbox project). I’ve been toying with the idea for a unique kind of content-based site for quite awhile – yet I kept stopping short of actually executing on it due to time constraints. It’s funny, the premise had been staring me in the face for about four months – only now, as I come to a different crossroads in life (which I’ll share more on when I can) has the idea been boiled to the surface. Eric and I fleshed out the idea together and we’re taking a 50/50 stake in the entire process.

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May 8, 2009 Author Adam Singer In Startup Ideas