6 Buzzworthy Laws All Web Marketers Should Understand

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There is no shortage of smart people putting the pieces together and seeing patterns in the noise around us. Some theories and laws developed have stuck out as especially relevant to the themes presented here at The Future Buzz. I thought it would be both interesting and useful to aggregate some of the more relevant laws to understand for bloggers, marketers, PR professionals and businesses looking to create buzz on the web.

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February 11, 2009 Author Adam Singer In Digital Marketing and PR, Popular

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Opinions Or Take Sides

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What makes blogs special to you? To me, it is the unique viewpoints of individuals who express their thoughts uninterrupted by editors or restrictions other than the self-imposed variety.

I frequently inject opinion here and take sides. That’s not really a secret and should be pretty clear if you’ve been reading for awhile. I would like to think you’re here not necessarily because your agree or disagree with what I write, but that you think it is worth hearing and want to learn, interact and debate with me.

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February 3, 2009 Author Adam Singer In Blogging, Popular

65 Bite-Sized Web Marketing Tips

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I write lots of detailed, in-depth posts for you at The Future Buzz about social media, marketing, PR and creating buzz on the web. In the spirit of changing things up, today I thought I’d simplify and offer you some quick tips broken into bits.

65 Bite-Sized Web Marketing Tips

1) Keep sites as simple and clean as possible.

2) Be interesting with everything you put out there.

3) Keep your site up to date and fresh, give users a legitimate reason to come back.

4) Have clear RSS and email subscriptions options on every page of your blog or website.

5) Take your time, create a plan, follow it step by step (traffic isn’t going to fall out of the sky).

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50 Viral Images (and how they spread)

Viral videos are ubiquitous – they have spread into both mainstream pop culture and corporate America. Everyone talks about developing viral videos, and there are plenty of techniques you can use to give your video the best chance of success. But, something not talked about as frequently are viral images. Viral images predate viral videos, […]

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