Shocker (not really): I Didn’t Watch The Super Bowl

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I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Wait, let me back up – I don’t watch any sports. Actually, one step further – I don’t even watch TV.

Being a member of the male gender in our planet’s society, it is assumed that I watch sports. Apparently though, it is still forgivable that I don’t watch them 364 days a year. But to not watch one specific game, believe it or not, I am actually viewed by others as socially deviant.

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February 2, 2009 Author Adam Singer In Opinions, Randomness

Gen Y Observations From Someone Actually Part Of The Generation

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It seems like every other week, we see articles, blog posts and other observations about Gen Y. And usually, they are written by people who aren’t even a part of the generation. It always makes me cringe to read these, especially when they try and offer “advice” for managing people in my demographic.

As I have spent essentially my entire life watching/studying this demographic as an observer and participant, I thought I’d be able to give you some qualitative analysis that would be more interesting than what people outside of the age group can provide. After all, do you really think a younger generation behaves in their true form around an older generation?

Here’s my observations that may run counter to what you read by those in older generations:

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January 2, 2009 Author Adam Singer In Opinions, Randomness

Why I Write Detailed, In-Depth Posts

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I have received similar questions from several regular readers asking why I write mostly detailed, in-depth posts. As I have done previously when questions are submitted or I’m tagged in a post, I will address this in an open format here to provide the answer to everyone.

Why do I write long posts? The reasons are actually rather simple, and perhaps beneficial to consider for your own blog, website, or web brand.

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December 24, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Opinions, Randomness

Independent Learning Always Trumps Institutional Education

I have friends who went to ivy league schools and still live at home with their parents, unemployed.

I also have friends who never received their degree and are far more successful than the majority of college graduates.

Institutionalized education is an altogether meaningless indicator for success in the world, something we have seen proven time and time again. With that said, our society has created a normalized value that you “must” follow a certain path to achieve success – the path of being educated in groups and taught in heavily structured settings.

The institutions, organizations and corporations surrounding us reinforce it. But the reality is your background in higher education matters little.

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December 15, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Opinions, Randomness

Social Media Is Enabling A Digital Renaissance

Image Credit: Neville Longmore Abstract Artist

McDonalds is to food as radio is to music
I abhor essentially all music that is played on broadcast radio. Yes, musical taste is subjective, but the trite, banal, watered-down music devoid of personality played on radio in America is an insult to anyone with more than a fleeting interest in the form of art.

The problem I have with it goes deeper than formulaic structure and generic, unoriginal content – although you could easily make the case for either of those – but I’d like to also highlight something you may not realize: most of it is way overproduced. It isn’t authentic and is lacking a key element that makes music special: personality.

I prefer music written by one person in their home studio with just a few pieces of gear, music recorded by an amateur band in their garage, music recorded by a live jazz performance for an intimate group – people creating music because they love it without pretense. It is real, and it’s actually far better than what most big studios put out.

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November 10, 2008 Author Adam Singer In Opinions, Randomness, The Social Web

Your Marketing Is (Most Likely) Dated

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The slow shrinking of mainstream, one-size-fits-all; the massive growth of customization and personalization

Millions of people no longer watch TV, and many that do skip the ads with Tivo. Print newspapers and magazines are dying a slow and painful death (although a few smart ones have evolved and are thriving). Even web users use ad-block plus to skip the ads in Firefox.

How does your organization get its messaging out? Yesterday it was done through carefully crafting messages pushed out onto channels others had built – the ones I mentioned above. The ones that are becoming less effective and losing influence daily.

The old way was paying to use someone else’s monolithic channel. The world is obviously moving against this, it is one of the simultaneously most clear yet most ignored trends in communications. People scoff at the notion that the TV to consumer model isn’t forever broken. It is, and the world is not changing back. People who wake up from their mass media slumber don’t fall back asleep.

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