The Future Buzz Most Popular Stories In 2015

We’ve just wrapped up another year of writing at The Future Buzz and are headed into year 9 of this site. Some of you have been here from the beginning and it has been an amazing journey together sharing ideas here.

I’ve published fewer posts in 2015 since I began writing a monthly Analytics column at ClickZ and sharing ideas more frequently on Twitter, Medium etc but I still try and share thinking here with you as I’m able to.

Anyway, as usual we’ll list out what you, the readers, found most interesting this year with our top 10 most popular posts published in 2015:

1. Ditching Your Commute Qualified – Worth 40K / Year in Happiness

2. Digital Analytics Best Practices For Agencies [Video/Presentation] 

3. Why Every Marketer & Digital Analyst Should Learn To Invest 

4. How a Brand Can Use Influencers to Target a New Niche

5. You’re Not Getting Older: Pop “Music” Was Always Awful

6. 4 Steps to Measuring What Matters Most

7. 5 Analytics Books To Make You Smarter

8. 3 Tools To Ensure Your Analytics Implementation Is Setup Right

9. Must-Watch: Vice Special On Future Of Cancer Treatment

10. Everyone Is Spending Too Much On Transportation

How to easily create your own year-end wrap of your most popular posts (PS: you should):

If you use WordPress (or any CMS that uses year as part of your URL structure) plus Google Analytics and want to do a “wrap” post of 2015 for your site’s most popular content (that was published this year) too, it’s super easy.

I’ve built a “most popular 2015 posts” Custom Report that will quickly give you a list of your most popular posts this year. Just click this link, select the site you want to see popular posts for and then update the date-range to be from the start of this year until today. Now you can export the top-10 posts from this year into a Google Doc, copy-paste into your CMS, add an image and an intro and you’re good to go (this custom report assumes you have the year in your URL structure).

I would encourage you to publish an end of year wrap of your most popular posts too. Why? It’s always useful for new subscribers to get a wrap of what was popular, show existing readers what the community enjoyed most, as well as provide personal guidance for what you should create next year.

Here’s wishing you a great 2016 and thanks for being a member of our community.

image credit: Shutterstock