My New Album: Electric Symphony (Free D/L & Streaming Links)

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For readers who are new, in addition to working in tech and investing, I also compose music in my free time and keep my community here up to date on new projects.

It’s been well over a year since I released my previous album “Untold Story” …but even before that I started working on another new project called “Electric Symphony.” I’ve been composing & producing the tracks on this album for about 2.5 years and finally got to a point I am happy with how everything turned out. This is my 6th original album released under creative commons (read about my previous experiences releasing art under this license, something I believe is enabling the future of free culture).

Download options / streaming links & tracklist after the jump, plus how I plan to market the album. 


You can stream this album on SoundCloud here (or below) and on Bandcamp here.


1. Supernova
2. Flux
3. It’s Real
4. Feel That Beat
5. Soliloquy
6. Arrival
7. Hotel Martinet (vocal via Hatiras)
8. Five
9. Stop Motion
10. Synth Droids
11. Bridge The Gap (collaboration with Ghost)
12. Circuits (vocal by Rachel Fox)
13. Deeper Underground (vocal by Jamaroqui)

Link to high quality wav files of album:
Link to high quality mp3 files of album:

Download all my previous original albums and produced mix sets free here or follow me on SoundCloud here.

Album Credits:

All tracks composed by Adam Singer.

Mastering work by Greg “Stryke” Chin 

Album art via creative commons photographer CG_Ge

This album is 100% free to listen, download, remix and share…for all purposes
except commercial and is released under creative commons 2.0 license in 2014.

Visit to download all my previous albums and mixes free.

Re, how I plan to promote this album:

I’ve documented my success sharing music under creative commons in the past and know from pings I’ve helped some artists with promotional ideas. Of course I’ll cover all the normal digital sharing tactics but one outside the box idea I wanted to try was send custom-branded micro jump drives to some music bloggers, influencers etc. as a way to stand out and give people an ‘artifact’ the album. As a vinyl fan, I find there’s something special about actually holding music in physical form.

What’s cool is these ultra-thin drives are 4gb and have come down about 3$ per unit if you get over 200 of them. CDs are dead but jump drives are still very usable especially if you want to share large uncompressed files. I’ll report back how this works out later. If you have other creative ideas for marketing music I’d love to hear.

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