5 Analytics Books To Make You Smarter

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Most of us in the digital marketing and analytics industry live online. With that, we tend to spend much of our time learning about new tools, reading case studies and sharing blog posts that are short form. And on computer screens. But the reality is analytics is an in-depth topic and books are a great way to dive deep and inspire insights to make your marketing better. Sometimes turning off Twitter, email and IMs and curling up with a book can be the one thing you need to have that “ah-ha” moment and see things in a new light.

Following are five books I highly recommend picking up plus brief descriptions.

1. Successful Analytics gain business insights by managing google analytics

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Change the way your organisation perceives Google Analytics – this book by Analytics expert Brian Clifton puts you in control of your data showing you how to use Google Analytics strategically in ways that connect directly with your company’s bottom line. Aimed at data managers and senior analysts, it provides detailed guidance on the entire process of building a data-driven environment using Google Analytics and then applying it to produce real-world insights.

2. Google Analytics IntegrationsTurning Google Analytics into a Centralized Marketing Analysis Platform

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With Google Analytics Integrations, expert author (and Googler) Daniel Waisberg shows you how to eliminate typical hurdles and gain a more meaningful, complete view of customers that can drive growth opportunities. This in-depth guide shows not only how to use Google Analytics, but also how to turn this powerful data collection and analysis tool into a central marketing analysis platform for your company.

3. Visualize This the flowing data guide to design visualization and statistics


There are lots of books on visualization that describe best practices and design concepts, but what do you do when it comes time for you to actually make something? If you don’t know how to use the software in front of you, the abstract isn’t all that useful. And with growing amounts of data, it’s becoming more important to be able to make sense of and communicate with it all. In Visualize This, popular blogger Nathan Yau teaches you how to create graphics that tell stories with real data, and you’ll have fun in the process. Learn to make statistical graphics in R, design in Illustrator, and create interactive graphics in JavaScript and Flash & Actionscript.

4. Web Analytics 2.0the art of online accountability and science of customer centricity

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Adeptly address today’s business challenges with this powerful book from web analytics thought leader and Googler Avinash Kaushik. Web Analytics 2.0 presents a new framework that will permanently change how you think about analytics. It provides specific recommendations for creating an actionable strategy, applying analytical techniques correctly, solving challenges such as measuring social media and multichannel campaigns, achieving optimal success by leveraging experimentation, and employing tactics for truly listening to your customers.

5. Building a Digital Analytics OrganizationCreate Value by Integrating Analytical Processes, Technology, and People into Business Operations

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This guide written by Judah Phillips covers all you need to know to build a well-resourced digital analytics team, and then back it with cross-functional support and alignment from IT, marketing, finance, executives team, and beyond…while successfully applying analytics across the business. You will learn what it means to be “doing analytics”: creating analytical processes and managing teams; collecting and governing data; analyzing paid, owned, and earned media; performing competitive and qualitative analyses; testing and optimization; targeting and automating; integrating digital data; using predictive modeling and other data sciences; and much more.

Also a fun bonus book: consider checking out the fun “Cartoon Guide to Statistics” perfect as a gift for the marketer in your life or even for your own coffee table. Let us know in the comments what other analytics books you personally find useful.