Digital Analytics Best Practices For Agencies [Video/Presentation]

Today I was making slides for a new presentation and happened to stumble upon one of my talks at Google I had no idea was posted. It’s on analytics best practices for agencies and I’ve embedded it below as it’s relevant for readers here, but first a quick intro.

Reporting digital marketing success as part of a formalized process can be a huge win for both agencies and clients to build productive long-term relationships together. I’ve seen this in both my current role on the Google Analytics team and the agency side while leading global digital teams.

Why is it a huge win? Digital measurement for marketing and PR agencies is an evolving and important subject because it drives relevant, engaging campaigns and successful work. Analytics are a “meta-layer” for everyone in marketing. That is to say, both those on the agency and client side should be savvy about metrics in order to speak the same language and agree on what successful results look like.

At Google we have the opportunity to work with some of the best agency partners in the world, and today I’m sharing a quick talk I gave to about 400 agencies I thought you might enjoy too.

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