Must-Watch: Vice Special On Future Of Cancer Treatment


Visualization of Kite Pharma’s Chimeric Antigen receptor

Cancer will impact everyone on the planet, whether directly or indirectly, multiple times throughout our lives. Several of my friends are currently fighting it and despite having dealt with death and illness frequently in my personal life it doesn’t get any easier to hear this sort of news.

But the good news is the biotech industry is making great strides in treatment options and every day we learn more about fighting this complex disease.

As someone who has followed cancer treatment technology (and has invested in several companies focused on treatment of cancer via immunotherapy) I was excited to see VICE had a great documentary showing some of the clinical trials currently in progress. A brief summary:

Cancer has been such a scourge of humanity for so long that the very word inspires a deep dread in anyone who hears it—it’s a two-syllable gut punch, a hole that suddenly opens up beneath you. Similarly, a “cure for cancer” has been a holy grail of modern medical research the way getting to the moon used to inspire space programs. All told, the world has spent decades and billions of dollars trying to cure cancer, or cure some kinds of it, or simply make some of them less awful and deadly—and VICE is going to give viewers an inside look at the most cutting-edge cancer treatments in the world.

The third season of our Emmy-winning HBO show doesn’t start until March 6, but you can watch VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer online now. It’s an hour-long in-depth documentary that focuses on therapies that go far, far beyond chemo. We’ll be taking a look at how doctors use HIV, measles, and genetically-engineered cold viruses to strengthen patients’ immune systems and wipe out cancer cells without damaging their bodies the way chemo normally does.

Watch via embed below, it’s well worth an hour of your time:

Disclaimer: the author of this post is an investor in cancer treatment companies Juno Therapeutics, Kite Pharma