The Latest Low Of Mainstream Media Reporting


Avatars. Memes. Internet. It’s all so new and scary! But don’t worry clueless Internet user, MSM is here to help. In what could pass ironically for a story in The Onion, CNN thought it important enough to report on users changing their avatars in Facebook. To giraffes. Because of a riddle.

Yes, really. Something that’s been happening for well over a decade in forums / boards, MySpace, and basically every social platform since the Internet existed is apparently newsworthy.

It’s not only unintentionally hilarious, it was shared without a hint of irony, as if no one could have possibly figured out what was going on on their own. Read for yourself here, but be prepared to weep (or facepalm) for the future of mainstream media.

The best part? The story, clocking in at a lengthy 260 words, is apparently too long for their average reader to slog through. So it’s summarized for you in the sidebar:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.13.28 PM

I’m also struggling to understand why exactly this story belongs in CNN “tech” (which otherwise does have some good content) when it has nothing to do with technology. And even if it was in an appropriate category, it is barely notable enough to be covered in any blog or site. The real story here is that a major publication would actually spend cycles covering such a thing. But I suppose it makes sense in the continued race to the bottom for MSM (and assumed (un)intelligence of the average user).

If anything, I feel awful for the reporter who was assigned to write this up. Sadly, it is still better than what other sites are doing to pander for pageviews.

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