Your Parents Were Wrong: Talk To Strangers, Embrace Strangeness

This morning I watched a TED Talk from Maria Bezaitis, an engineer at Intel, on the importance of seeking out strangeness: both personally and professionally. It’s funny because most of us are taught to “not talk to strangers” growing up.

Yet I’ve found talking to strangers is actually one of the best things in life you can get comfortable with. Your parents were wrong in instilling fear in you here (and most places really, you should fear nothing).

I personally love the notion of embracing strangeness as some of my most valuable and fulfilling relationships have come from connecting with those radically different from the personality types I grew up surrounded by. And some of my most creative ideas professionally have come from bridging disparate concepts I was only exposed to because I sought out a unique path. In fact, the more I progress in life the more I become fascinated and interested in the “strange” and creative as opposed to the obvious and predictable.

Anyway, the talk is embedded below. I hope you’ll be persuaded to more actively embrace strangeness personally and if you are a developer or marketer, rethink the notion of what a connection is beyond typical notions like friends, family and coworkers. We’re connected in more ways than that.