If Your Study Is This Obvious, It’s A Waste Of Time


The problem with a lot of digital research is it’s, in a word: obvious. And obvious research is a waste of time and resources. Even if it does get you a hit in media or is referenced in social, it doesn’t actually help anyone (or your reputation).

Conducting research for the sake of research is pointless: the data gathered should be enlightening in some regard.

With that, I submit, for your approval: the single most obvious study ever. I’m not mentioning the brands because they don’t really warrant a mention (you can click the link and read through if you care to see). The study determined the following:

  • On a certain social network cute animal pictures received more engagement than corporate logos
  • Using cats and puppies in ads receives high engagement yet grows a less relevant community
  • Ads without images (just text) within a highly visual network don’t perform as well as ads with images
  • Images of people and products perform better than logos

Obligatory reaction:


Of course, not a shred of this information is not already known or even useful. And anyway, unless you’re something like a pet food brand, you are scraping the bottom of the marketing barrel to use random animals to attract a community instead of building a following with a passion for your industry. It’s actually kind of shameful.

The social space is saturated with these types of studies and shows what can happen when everyone has access to piles of data. But we don’t just need more information or obvious studies. We need people with serious data chops able to conduct meaningful research, create useful analysis and uncover insights that matter.

Everyone should demand that brands, analysts and media do better and avoid the obvious / cliché.

image credit: Shutterstock