[Useful] Flowchart For Which CC License You Should Use

I always thought it was pretty clear which Creative Commons license you should use for releasing your work or when using the works of others. However, I’ve also seen plenty of incorrect use of it over the years.

So it was cool to see a handy flowchart released on Scribd by Creative Commons Australia for how to know which one you should use. I’ve embedded below for your convenience, it’s worth a printout if you create digital content but are new to using Creative Commons produced works or licenses.

Using Creative Commons licenses properly is an essential skill for pretty much everyone producing any type of content online. So if you’re new, get comfortable with it today: the works released under CC can add a lot to what you create (either via adaption, remix or simply re-use with attribution).

Also a quick fun-fact: as an artist, I release all my art under creative commons licenses (and actually have been featured on the Creative Commons blog which, as a CC supporter, I found pretty cool).

[hat tip: PetaPixel]