Visualizing And Valuing The Digital Customer Journey


As we’ve shared in previous posts on measurement, you have to think beyond the last click to understand digital conversions. So I’m especially excited to share a tool created by our team at Google which visually shows the digital customer journey to purchase.

The tool draws on Ecommerce and Multi-Channel Funnels data from more than 36,000 Google Analytics clients that authorized sharing, including millions of purchases across 11 industries in 7 countries. Purchase paths in this tool are based on interactions with a single ecommerce advertiser.

Here, you’ll find benchmark data for:

  • How different marketing channels (such as display, search, email, and your site) move users towards purchases. For example, some marketing channels play an “assist” role during the earlier stages of the marketing funnel, whereas some play a “last interaction” role just before a sale.
  • How long it takes for customers to make a purchase online, (from the 1st time they interact with your marketing to the moment they actually buy something) and how the length of this journey affects average order values.


This data is interesting not just from the perspective of how you fare in your own industry and location, but also for helping others on your team understand how digital marketing channels sit in the purchase path. No single channel has a monopoly on consumer attention, rather they work together in harmony. Your brand needs to be visibile across channels in the correct way in order to move users from awareness and consideration through to intent and conversion.

I hope you’ll find this data interesting and useful. Check out the tool here.