Get Inspired At The Think With Google Site


Working at Google, I’m lucky to get exposed to amazing work by some of the best marketers in the world. One of the projects I have found especially useful (and cool) both personally and professionally is the Think with Google site.

What exactly is Think with Google? It’s a hub for digital marketing information, research and learning resources both from a Google product standpoint and more broad industry standpoint. I’ve found the content (particularly the research and data) shared extremely valuable and use it as a go-to site when seeking ideas for blog posts, presentations and even ideas for new marketing initiatives.

Useful stats

A robust statistics section aggregations a ton of useful research:


Inspiring campaigns

The Creative Sandbox offers a broad mix of ideas to inspire you:

Nike Campaign

Nike MvsW, a running competition between men and women.

Insights by Industry

Choose an industry you’re interested in learning more about and broaden your knowledge:


There’s a whole lot more, check out the site yourself and get inspired today.