(Most) Meetings Are (Still) Unnecessary

We’ve previously shared ideas on how and why you should reduce meetings. Meetings, like voicemail, the fax machine and other living artifacts feel like relics of a past era. They’re being replaced and reshaped by the next generation of organizations and professionals who embrace technology.

So it was great to see Harvard Business Review echo our thinking in a recent post encouraging you to break your addiction to meetings. The author basically echoes our ideas from my previous post on the subject, but also includes this great meeting decision tree:


If you work in a culture obsessed with superfluous meetings, both in number and length, it’s worth injecting this thinking into your organization. I’m not going to describe in detail how costly meetings are again (read the post linked in the first graph of this story) but they’re nearly always tagged to slow-moving companies who can’t get things done. And in a world where you need to organization around execution to win, they are likely a huge roadblock holding you back.