Seriously, Enough With The Clichéd Advice

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Telling people to “create compelling content” is not marketing advice. It’s common sense. And if this is the type of content you create or share, you’re part of the problem.

I hear some of you already “yeah, but this and other marketing 101 concepts aren’t understood by everyone.” Perhaps not. But if someone doesn’t get it by now they aren’t going to. Ever. The web is not new and you’re wasting your time writing stories on painfully clichéd and obvious concepts that could be solved by a simple web search (btw: the people you want to reach are smarter than you think). The industry has moved past the people writing the overdone. If you’re not a publisher but you share these types of stories, you aren’t adding value to your network. In fact you may be carving out a reputation for yourself that’s not so positive.

We need to push our peers, our trade publications, our consultants and agencies to stop with the obvious and clichéd advice. It’s not helping and merely succeeds at making the people sharing or creating it look like they publishing for the sake of publishing (instead of doing so because they have passion). It’s boring at best, spam at worst.

We need more people to lead conversations, to have opinions and take sides, to fear nothing and push us to try new ideas. The marketing conversation has devolved lately with a few of the more popular sites clearly just after pageviews publishing top-10 lists day in and day out. You can do this too if you merely want traffic (not saying it won’t work). But if you want trust, to be taken seriously, or actually impact our industry and help / inspire people, you have to go beyond the clichés and do something unique.

image credit: Shutterstock