Stop Overthinking, Start Executing

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This is probably the best and simplest advice I can offer you for 2013: stop overthinking, start executing. It’s not a new idea, I was pushing clients in this direction while as a consultant for the last decade prior to going in-house at Google.

It’s also how I treat my own web ventures. And I find the more I execute, the more revenue I make, the more my communities grow and the more fun I have.

My entire career I’ve witnessed marketers kill themselves with planning and strategy documents that never amount to anything, or ate into their precious hours of the day and left minimal time to try things and iterate.

Marketing has evolved and in reality none of us know how our ideas are going to play out in the wild. And this is a good thing, because instead of just doing one or two big things, you can organize your team in a way they can try out a lot of ideas of varying sizes, see what resonates and use data to refine. Fail fast and learn, tomorrow is a new day and you can always deliver value and achieve results if you have your finger on the pulse of your community and industry.

Have objectives. Have goals. Measure to conversion. But get people smart enough they innately know the paths to get there and are excited to move fast vs. simply talk about ideas.

It’s a constant process, one that requires data and industry-savvy team members you trust to run programs and own your brand. But a nimble team like this empowered with modern communications tools will run circles around larger teams who suffer from planning paralysis.

image credit: Shutterstock