Web Analytics In Real Life

To non-digital natives, explaining the flaws of your digital experiences is perhaps best done through analogy. And hey, it’s even fun for experienced marketers and analysts to see problems they’re solving every day explained in a different way.

So today I wanted to share some videos our team at Google Analytics has worked on that articulate some common issues customers experience online (and hopefully motivate you to start using analytics to solve them). Without further adieu:

What’s distracting your customers (landing page optimization):

Can your customers find what they want? (site search improvements):

When do visitors leave the buying process? (funnel abandonment issues):

Remember, the above issues experienced “in real life” are no less frustrating online. Perhaps even more so. And with so many choices online, you can’t afford to deliver a poor experience. You’ll lose customers that fast. Analytics is the key to solve these issues today.

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