Trashy Reality TV Invades Silicon Valley

Of course reality TV is going to be trashy. The two go together: shallow, uninspired content for the people that consume it. If you haven’t already heard, Randi Zuckerberg has worked with Bravo to produce a reality TV show about Silicon Valley.

The first episode aired last night. And it was no surprise to see the reactions as a shameful, inaccurate portrayal of our culture.

As Business Week states in their review:

If you’re going to distort the truth, manufacture conflict and present people shallower than a dinner plate from the Kate Hudson Kitchen Kollection, at least be entertaining about it. At least populate it with grotesque exaggerations of almost-humans that I can laugh at and feel superior to. Right?

It’s not just that these people are terrible — terrible can be watchable. Villainy can be delightful. But this crew is like a six-pack of nonalcoholic beer: It’s lousy and doesn’t even get you drunk.

Zuckerberg said her role was to “[help] make sure that Bravo could capture the real, authentic Silicon Valley.” Based on the evidence, it would appear that Zuckerberg uses words like “real” and “authentic” about Silicon Valley the same way Taco Bell (YUM) might toss them in when describing a Meximelt.

The Times has a quick round-up of the rest, equally as enthused.

The only possible reaction we can have is this:

Really what else could we have expected?