You Are What You Share

A friend of mine (who is well respected in the marketing industry) shared a link to an obvious snake oil consultant blog post with their network today. Stock template on the site? Check. Hilariously large follower count of bird-brained robots achieved via automation used as false social proof? Of course.

I’m not going to name the person or what was pointed to. They certainly aren’t alone in this daily sharing of overdone, clichéd links on “22 ridiculously obvious tips you should have known in 2002” that simply clutter our streams. But while I do still like this person, it chips away at their credibility.

If you’re sharing this type of trash in an attempt to build “relationships” with others, via automated tools or simply for a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type request you are hurting yourself. Seth Godin recently gave a must-watch talk and in it, I was struck by what he saw as the most important asset to build with the world: trust. Which you’re destroying, update by update, when you attempt to fill the stream for the sake of doing so.

You might build up numbers that impress those easily manipulated (ps: those people are already irrelevant). But you won’t build lasting relationships with those who matter.

image credit: Shutterstock