KitchenAid Tweet Shows, Yet Again, Why Social Needs Mature Talent

We’ve previously covered examples of brands who post inappropriate social updates at inappropriate times. The latest example happened tonight during the Presidential debate when KitchenAid posted the following unfortunate Tweet joking about Obama’s dead grandmother:

Of course, this was likely posted by someone on the KitchenAid team who had meant to post it under their personal account. However I think it’s inappropriate of a communications professional to make such a statement at all. Especially since people are a huge part of a brand.

KitchenAid has since deleted the Tweet and apologized, but anything published to the web is easily findable and referenced as shown above. AdWeek has already covered it, so has Mashable and the comments about the brand (both positive in defense from fans and negative from people who are upset) are spreading across the web:

Likely, KitchenAid will be added to the list of this year’s social media crises as another case study: something I would wish on no one. But there is good news here. It’s preventable for your brand. Hire people with judgement, professionally and personally. Yes, this matters. Social is personal and you’re really trusting your brand to the people you hire. They will make or break you.

The crazy thing is, as my friend Peter Kim points out, this isn’t even restricted to the web. As mobile is ubiquitous this is the new reality we live in.