You Are Not An “Average” User

It is a false assumption to think everyone is like you. That they use the web the same way, the same networks, the same devices. To take this perspective will greatly hurt you from either the product-side or the agency-side.

And yet I see examples of this time and time again. “Oh, everyone is on X network because I use it every day, so we should market there.” Or, “no one clicks ads because I don’t click ads.” Both are false assumptions of course. A diverse amount of popular networks exist (whether you use them or not) and in fact, well crafted ads following the right strategy can produce huge returns.

There is a danger in thinking you are the average user or that your use of technology represents everyone else’s. The only way to truly understand the situation for your brand is to dig into your user data and find your own truth. Web personalities or media can pontificate all they like, but if you want to understand reality you are going to need to do some work and ignore the easy answers.

When you do find the answers, realize it is likely not going to be a 1 or 2 thing world, but a 10 or even 20 thing world: you’re going to need to optimize for multiple platforms and devices as well as be active on several networks. This is the nature of the modern digital landscape and the new norm means fluency across many specializations.

And remember, you are likely not an “average” user, it is in most cases limiting to think everyone is like you.

image credit: Shutterstock