Worth A Read: Altimeter Social Media ROI Cookbook

Clearly I’m excited about social media measurement coming of age. Why? I’ve been passionate about sharing ideas and participating in online communities for a majority of my life, long before I was doing so professionally. And measurement is the key to unlocking insights as well as showing the full value of our efforts.

Social is not new. Not even close. But the fact that it’s getting (more) serious attention from businesses and marketers on the investment side and consumers on the trust side is a good thing.

With this comes the importance of both marketing accountability in the form of results reports as well as enabling analysis of communities and tactics to iterate / improve.

So I was pleased to see Altimeter publish their Social Media ROI Cookbook — of which I chatted with the ever-awesome Susan Etlinger to provide input from the product-side. The whole report is worth a read and is embedded below.

Before the embed, following are Altimeter’s 6 ways of measuring social impact:



Check out the whole report (or visit SlideShare if you can’t see it).