Another Creative Marketer Goes Beyond The Resume

I’ve written (several) posts in the past saying that your resume is meaningless. I stick by that statement, I think a standard resume is dated in a world where you’re able to use the web to show context, creativity and results backed up by sources.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t reinvent something that’s out of date. Yesterday I saw a story of how one enterprising digital marketer, Simone Fortunini, modeled his resume after the Google Analytics interface:

Obviously as a member of the Google Analytics team I thought this was cool. But even beyond that, as a marketer overall it was impressive to see how he marketed himself: an underrated but critical skill.

Check out the site yourself, it’s quite cool and hopefully serves as inspiration to all of you. After all, it communicates dedication to go this far and that you’re willing to take risks / do something different. This is what modern marketers need to do to succeed, and Simone joins a growing list of those smart enough to go beyond the resume.