Community Managers Need To Pay Attention To News

This morning, there was some horrific news of a shooting at the Batman screening in Aurora, Colo. At least 12 dead, dozens more wounded in this unthinkable event.

So you would hope that any pro-gun organizations would stay quiet. And not expect to see, well, a Tweet like this:

They’ve since deleted the Tweet, but the damage has been done. Twitter users already ReTweeted it several hundred times. And it’s likely to cause even more PR issues for their brand as we can see from the initial backlash. Even if unintentional, it feels heartless.

The lesson? If you are going to schedule any web content, don’t just set it and forget it – if something breaks in news or things change, you have to be prepared to react. Or it’s possible the community manager didn’t see the news yet. But that’s not an excuse, it’s part of every community manager’s job to be aware of larger issues happening on our world.

Hat tip Jenn Pedde for catching this.

Update: Drew Olanoff at The Next Web shares what another brand did today. Unreal.