Oreo Is Brilliant, More Companies Should Follow Suit

Oreo recent posted the above image to their social channels in celebration of Pride Day. A brilliant move by itself as it’s extremely social to support basic human rights and equality.

What happened next is even better for the brand. The image caused a plethora of utterly shocking and hate-filled comments left by some very confused individuals. You can view them here, but you’ve been warned. Why is this good? The uproar caused more than 117 stories about Oreo, much of it in tier-1 publications:

Not only did this simple image stir media exposure and thousands of discussions across the web from those who normally don’t talk about Oreo, but the brand showed themselves to be the good guys here supporting a group that continues to lack equality in society.

My employer openly supports equality as well (as do many companies in Silicon Valley). But it is great to see traditional brands finally getting on board.

As marketers we need to encourage more of this. It’s not just good marketing, it’s the right thing to do.