3 Creative Professionals Who Went Beyond The Resume

For many industries it’s a tough job market out there. Everyone knows this. Rather than complain about it, some enterprising individuals are using their creativity to stand out and get positions they want.

Thought I’d share 3 stories that stand out (2 recent, one from a bit ago) to inspire you to go beyond a resume next time you’re seeking a job.

1. Jeanne Hwang creatively uses the platform she wants to work for

The Next Web shares the story that Jeanne put together a visual resume on Pinterest. I won’t comment on her pins about increasing Twitter followers and her Klout Score (you guys know how I feel about those items – share outcomes, not KPIs). But the concept itself is clever and anyone looking to work for a specific platform should follow Jeanne’s example of demonstrating fluency in it.

2. Bennett Olson buys billboard time that points to his domain

MSNBC shares the story that Bennett paid $300 for an 8-second time slot on an electronic billboard near downtown Minneapolis. The ad was live for 24 hours, in the mix with other ads on the billboard. The billboard appears above and is simple in execution but smart for someone seeking a local position (although perhaps he could have quickly qualified what type of job he was seeking). He has since taken a job in sales and marketing at Laser Design & GKS Services, a 3D scanning company in Bloomington.

3. Alec Brownstein uses AdWords to land dream job

The YouTube video Alec created really explains it best:

According to Mashable, Alec paid a total of $6 to run ads against ego searches of target executives. Not only was this cost effective, it showed off his technology-savvy / understanding of his audience. That he packaged it up into a video that resulted in significant press was a nice bonus.

Of course, while these are all great ways to get noticed, you also need to have the qualifications to back up your creativity. But if you’re facing heavy competition, an idea like the above to stand out and open a discussion is smart.