Joining The Google Analytics Team

I’m excited to share some good news with you today. Starting next week, I’m joining Google as product marketing manager, Google Analytics.

Anyone I’ve worked with can tell you how great a fan of analytics I am. I’ve really only been involved in marketing as a metrics-driven exercise. As a practitioner across digital marketing and PR disciplines it’s been in my DNA to make data-driven decisions, conduct analysis to refine tactics and create reporting processes that enable marketing accountability.

I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve done for brands such as Eloqua, Marketo and PRWeb (data-driven marketing products — and teams) more than any other type of client. Plus I’ve been personally interested in moving our industry forward through blogging, speaking and consulting. Going in house to focus my efforts on a product that is essential for modern marketers was the clear next step in my career (thanks Louis Gray for the nudge).

Why GA specifically? Google Analytics is one of the few tools that is both mission critical for what we do and a pleasure to use. GA is also the most elegant analytics product on the market: simple enough for a newbie to understand and all the power necessary for advanced users to conduct serious analysis / improve results.

Most entrepreneurs and marketers are just scratching the surface with analytics and I’ve been passionate about getting clients up to speed while on the agency-side for years. Moving client-side to market my favorite tool is basically a dream. That I believe in Google’s philosophy and other products is icing on the cake.

Personally I’m also excited to work for a company that operates at the scale of Google. I’ve had wonderful experiences at various digital agencies: from 20 marketers in one office up to ~300 dispersed globally. Obviously joining a company with more than 30,000 team members is going to be a new experience for me. One I’m looking forward to embrace as my interactions with Google team members over the years have been extremely positive. I’ve found Googlers to be intellectually curious, passionate and interested in what they do which aligns with my personal work philosophy.

I look forward to helping you become better with data and marketing the best analytics product in the world.

Post image via Life at Google