Dear ReadWriteWeb: WTF? Signed, SEOs Globally

I don’t normally pause what I’m doing to create a rage comic. But then again, I don’t normally see writers for major tech blogs publish a story that’s equal parts inaccurate and frustrating.

Anyway, here’s what just happened…we’ll let the comic explain:

Here’s the full story on ReadWriteWeb. Maybe someone should clue the writer in on what an SEO actually does? Future Buzz readers already see why this is absurd.

Good luck with your “content expert” btw.

Let’s help the writer out with a quick visualization of how modern SEOs actually function, (and smart SEOs have for years) courtesy of SEOmoz:

Media, marketers and even Hollywood continue to be clueless and misinterpret what search engine optimization is. Marketers incorrectly put it in silos and media think it is witchcraft, spam or manipulation. Of course, none of this is accurate and even Google says SEO is not spam.

I expect this from most, but not ReadWriteWeb. They have to be able to do better for the web industry.