Your Brand’s Facebook Updates: Still (Mostly) Ignored

Previously we noted that your brand’s Facebook updates were pretty much ignored and poked a bit of fun at those who considered that a “shocker.”  Well, more research continues to prove what we’ve been arguing for ages.

TechCrunch shares some data from a study that links posted by big Facebook pages researched had a 0.14% CTR, 1 click per 1000 fans.

Advising global brands on digital marketing I have access to a variety of social data and know how companies across industries perform in different channels. I’ve also built 6-figure Facebook fan pages (that have since grown to 7-figures). And unlike the absurd Facebook metrics we’ve pointed out from questionable  research in the past, the metrics outlined in the study shared with TechCrunch sound about right for a brand without an optimized presence in the network.

So, as we’ve said before, we’ll simply reiterate that Facebook is fantastic place for a social outpost. Every company should be here, at minimum to protect your brand and at least syndicate content from your social hub.

But you basically give up any competitive search and social advantage if you are purely relying on Facebook to get your messages out there and drive outcomes. Distribution platforms such as RSS and email, while not as “sexy,” nearly always have higher % views and CTR. That’s because these channels are not stream based, rather timeshifted. Stream-based channels are designed for users to miss content, as with them users are interested in what’s new, now. Use them in tandem with higher value channels: and, not or.

Plus, recent research behind consumer use of social networks is unsurprising: a majority of people use social networks primarily to connect with those they already know. Not consumer brands. Sure, users are more than happy to friend/follow consumer brands, but their top reasons for using the platform aren’t really aligned with that. Which is why brands need to also think beyond macro networks.

If you’re listening to data, the reality is clear: you should never rely on one traffic source, one social network (historically low conversion / click-through) or one search engine (can change the rules at their whim) for visitors and community. Rather, a holistic mix, including social, search, paid tactics and email continues to be the smartest approach.