17 Marketing Blogs You’re Not Yet Reading (But Should Be)

I know, I know – it’s fashionable to post lists of the “top” social media and digital marketing blogs that everyone already knows (or perhaps ignores). But that’s not what this is.

We don’t need another list of sites sharing the Mashable’s of the world. It’s not that those sites are bad, but lists including them just aren’t useful because everyone already knows they exist. But I was thinking, even within the marketing category some of the blogs I’d consider the smartest still aren’t read by everyone.

With that said, today I wanted to share some blogs which, while might be somewhat well-known, deserve more attention. Basically I’m hoping to share a few new sites with you today. If not, I’m no better than the cheesy lists (and if that’s the case, apologies in advance).

The one promise of all the blogs below is they actually stay updated and the content is consistently thought-provoking.

Conversation Marketing

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Ian Lurie is founder of internet marketing firm Portent and, perhaps more importantly, keeps one of the sharpest (and sometimes snarkiest) blogs on the web. Expect a mix of unique and creative tips / tricks mixed with Ian’s always witty personality. Oh, and his rants are gold.

Social Triggers

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Derek Halpern keeps the fast-growing Social Triggers blog which has fast become a favorite of many. Always interesting (and data-driven) tips, tweaks and strategies make this blog a must read. Expect easy-to-read posts (as Derek is a fan of making very scanable pages) with equal parts logic and creativity.


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I really can’t say enough good things about Tamar. Hopefully you already know her, but if not it is past time to connect. Tamar’s ever-awesome Techipedia posts a mix of trends, tips, tools and ideas and while she doesn’t post every day, when she does it’s always worth a read. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also one of the nicest people in our industry.

Spin Sucks

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I was lucky enough to meet Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich and lead author of Spin Sucks at the Vocus summit earlier this year. The good news is even if you can’t meet her, she always has the same energy online as she does in person. Her blog just…plain…rocks. And, in my opinion, any blog with the word “Sucks” in the title has to be good, but go visit and decide for yourself.

PR Squared

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Todd Defren is responsible for the content on PR Squared and it’s consistently one of the better PR blogs out there. Bringing a perspective from the agency side, Todd always shares fresh thinking and challenges readers to think critically about the industry. Plus he’s not just smart: Todd is an all around nice guy.

New Comm Biz

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Tac Anderson keeps the consistently smart and savvy NewCommBiz blog and has been a “must read” of mine for several years. Not yet connected with Tac? What are you waiting for – he’s been around forever and has been sharing opinions long before most were even using the web for marketing.

Outspoken Media

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Future Buzz readers already know about Outspoken Media’s blog (and Lisa Barone). We link over there quite a bit as an example of agency blogging “doing it right.” Seriously, these guys just rock at blogging. Oh, and if you’re ever at a conference with Lisa, don’t try to live blog a session ahead of her. She’ll win every time.


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Although Mark and I don’t agree about everything (such as our opinion on Klout Score) his blog, Grow, is one of the better sites in the digital marketing category. Plus it’s always good to get an additional perspective on things, so I welcome the debate. Go subscribe, because Mark is smart, savvy and serious about helping people.

Geoff Livingston

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What can I say about Geoff Livingston that hasn’t already been said? If you’re not subscribed to his blog, you’re missing out. Following him on Twitter is fine but really you need to add his site to your reader if it’s not there already: Geoff takes things head on and always provides a sharp opinion on news and trends. Plus he’s an author so his writing is always compelling.


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So full disclosure, Eloqua is a client of LEWIS (my employer). However, that doesn’t change the fact that I have organically been a fan of and endorsed their blog for a long time before we provided consulting to them. Their team consistently publishes unmissable, creative content and frequently shares visual thinking such as original infographics. Eloqua sets the bar extraordinarily high for a software company: whereas many companies treat blogging as a skunkworks project, they fully embrace being a media company.

Dave Fleet

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I’ve been a fan (and reader) of Dave Fleet’s blog for years, and it’s one of the definitive sites in the PR category. Dave shares a mix of tips, trends and news and his opinions are always on the money. However I think he doesn’t always get the attention he deserves – so go subscribe to his site and get smarter from one of the brightest people in PR.

Danny Brown

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Danny is just…plain…awesome. He’s also a member of the community here and frequently stops by to comment (along with Gini). He brings a mix of opinion, tips and tricks and is consistently smart with his ideas published. I’ll let his ideas speak for themselves and hope you’ll connect with Danny if you haven’t already.

The Brand Builder

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Olivier Blanchard always has an opinion…and of course we love that. If you’re not yet reading his blog, the brand builder, it means you’re late. Olivier cuts through the noise of social / marketing bloggers providing consistently smart and worthwhile ideas. Plus the dog blog mascot is a fun idea.


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The team at aimClear keeps one of the better digital marketing blogs, covering everything from SEO to PPC to social. I’ve worked with Marty on a few projects and his team is top-notch in the industry. Can’t say enough good things about their blog either, so be sure to add it to your feed.

Adam Sherk

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I’ve been following Adam both on his blog and stream-based channels for years, and he’s one of the few who really gets the intersection between SEO, PR and media. Everyone from marketers, to publishers to public relations pros should be subscribed to Adam’s site.


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ViperChill is the brainchild of Glen Allsopp, one of the sharpest young entrepreneurs out there. Glen takes the Dosh Dosh approach to blogging: few articles, but when the ones published are unmissable. If ViperChill isn’t in your reader, it’s time to add it and catch up. I especially like how Glen always open-sources his work and shares case studies / data all the way from KPIs to revenue.


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I learned about Engage through Andrew Hanelly who is a frequent contributor on this site. And I’m always pleased to see the ideas shared on Engage (TMG’s blog) are always not just smart, but accessible to a wide audience. Worth reading for both the novice and advanced.

What other blogs do you think need to get more exposure that we didn’t share with you today?