Sneak Preview: The Future Buzz v 4.0

A few weeks ago I asked for your input to the next iteration of this blog. In that post I noted that I was planning to iterate The Future Buzz to be something closer to a marketing trade publication and less my personal blog.

To accomplish this, the site definitely needs a refresh to minimize my name and place more emphasis on the brand of the blog and on the content / community. I also think a modern trade publication needs more of a visual identity, and so I’ve challenged my design team (Pro Blog Design) to do something more colorful and stylish yet still maintain the feel of the existing site.

So with that said, I am excited to share with you a sneak preview of the next rev of this site. This will be the fourth design iteration and I think the best yet.

Click the image below for a full size version:

Also – bonus for the community: we’ll be releasing the current theme as a free download for users (sans-logo). So if you dig the current look and want to use it for your own blog that will soon be possible.

We hope you enjoy the preview of the new design. Let us know what you think as this design is being done to improve your experience here.