50 (More) Viral Images The Web Shared In 2011

Images continue to be the web’s most underrated content format. And if anything, in 2011 we’ve seen the pace of image sharing continue to increase. I’m a fan of images in particular because of how simple they are both to pass on and manipulate: basically encouraging an ongoing story through a culture of remix.

It’s why Imgur does more than a million visitors per month and startups like Canvas show great promise.

With that said, readers here specifically are interested in seeing their ideas spread. That’s why I encourage visual thinking and one of the reasons I’ve been sharing the most popular images here over the last 3 years. The point is to help show what is resonating with digital communities and also inspire you.

So if you’re new to this site (or this series) start with the following posts:

Keep these in mind when you scroll through the below, you’ll notice some clear archetypes. I’ll try and do a post with some analysis of the larger trends later on.

My methodology for gathering these is simple: it has to break the “hot” threshold on StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg or some other community that includes diversity, aggregation and incentives. I collect as I go to share with you here.

So, on with what’s hot. Following are the most recent 50 viral images the web’s been sharing in 2011:

Infographics, charts, graphs

Puts it in perspective nicely…

Now that’s progress

Looks like a good upgrade, sign me up

Neat concept for a showerhead

Creative infographic

So true…

I think this is my favorite Venn diagram to date

Yeah, I can see it – now they need to join and form a band

We really have the wrong priorities – come on world, get it together

Animals, nature, landscapes

The real angry bird

What a colorful caterpillar…wait a minute

Think he’d still be smiling if he knew what was behind him?

Penguin mountain

Sunset reflection captured in wave

Make a left at the next turn

HDR  image of a swamp

Great view from above

Just stunning sunset

The desert floor teems with life

Some very talented climbers

Beautiful close up of moisture

Does this look right to you?

The moths have eyes

Can you imagine moving a ball of water larger than you are?

Great view of the canyon

Flats after a rain

Epic bridge is epic

Everything else

That’s quite the warning

Pretty creative use of Excel

If spiders could talk


Well done ad by the Smithsonian

What if you saw this on the street?

Creative use of a door lock

That’s one delicious couch


All 1’s

Dark side of the loom

Very temporary art

Wait, what?

Viral advertising by Guinness?

Have to get really lucky (or perhaps unlucky) to get a shot like this

Another shot taken at the perfect moment

(image credit)

Your server room is not this perfect (unless this one is yours)

Really creative use of legos

Golf club light post

Police chase through crops (alt caption: those aliens must have been pretty drunk)

People help show the scale of a ship at dry dock

Creative shadow art

In-fruit Jello shots

Concurrent nature and human light show

Note:  if I used one of your images and you would like credit, please drop me a note and I’ll update with attribution. Unfortunately an overwhelming majority of users save content on various image hosting services without attribution – so it is difficult to provide that on every image (but I’ve done so where possible).

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