If You’re Going To Write About The Web, You Should Probably Understand Web Culture

Chris Matyszczyk who keeps a blog called Technically Incorrect which brings “a fresh and irreverent perspective to the tech world” recently wrote a post on Rebecca Black. The post has far too many words than necessary for this cheesy fluff star-in-training but it’s good for pageviews to cover pop “culture” (culture there is an oxymoron) so I get it.

Except one bit from the story is telling. Chris seems perplexed that this girl, while a hit on iTunes, gets trashed on YouTube:

Some might take it for granted that the Web displays every spectrum of humanity. Emotion’s every gamut is there, so why be surprised if some people express hate?

It’s hard to understand why so many members of the WebMob seem to loathe Black. Her song isn’t the worst in the world by any means.

This from the keeper of a blog called Technically Incorrect? Maybe Chris should join some real web communities. The comment makes it seem like he’s never used YouTube, been a member of a forum, or visited the depths of 4chan. It’s actually harder to understand how a technology blogger doesn’t understand the hatred of Black.

Here’s the actual video (you’ve been seriously warned – this is painful):

Would we expect any less of the internet, especially YouTube commenters, to make fun of this? I actually think it would be more surprising if this didn’t activate the web’s collective snark.

One more quote from Chris:

It’s hard not to reach the conclusion that, through its behavior online with respect to Black, a large swathe of humanity has, for no obvious or fathomable reason, decided to display not its hate for Black, but its loathing of itself.

No obvious reason? Really? If you don’t see why this is easy prey for the web you probably shouldn’t be covering that beat.