Intersection Of Influence Visualized: Message Is Messenger

Joe Chernov, director of content for marketing automation provider Eloqua sent over a clever infographic to share with you. It’s creative (Jess3 always does a nice job) and shares a compelling story: the fact that the message is now the messenger.

The image also highlights many of the themes presented on this blog: for example, that individuals are running circles around your brand, the shift of trusted, influential media, interesting results happen at the intersection and even, in a sense, how to be the Jack Bauer of your company.

Anyway, here is the infographic to check out (click the image for high-res to see greater detail):

As background, I’m close to the marketing automation industry as I previously lead consulting for Marketo while at TopRank Online Marketing and have worked with companies who use both Marketo and Eloqua. Being familiar with the products, people and even marketing strategies of these brands I’ll add that in addition to having the best marketing automation products, both are case studies in-and-of themselves for successful digital marketing.

One other thing – did you note Joe’s title: director of content? Infographic aside, does your organization pay lip service to the shift in marketing yet not do a thing about it?

Eloqua is dedicating high level resources to create high quality content (as is Marketo). They don’t spend time questioning why the internet is valuable. Their teams are savvy enough it’s not really about making a case to those with previous generation mindsets to shift budgets. They didn’t have to waste resources doing that, their management teams were already savvy. Instead they focus on executing, iterating and thinking creatively. Is it any wonder these two brands are leading the industry and probably two of the best software marketing teams around?

Oh…and both companies make analytics products. They know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t regarding how holistic digital marketing should function.

Marketo and Eloqua blogs are also worth reading if you’re not already subscribed. Even if you aren’t interested in marketing automation you can learn quite a bit by watching these two go at it in competition in an emerging category through content marketing.