VaultPress: Blog Protection From The Makers Of WordPress

Serious online publishers use WordPress. It’s the easiest to use, most flexible, customizable and scalable self-publishing platform.

And despite pundits continuously getting it wrong by proclaiming that self-hosted publishing is dying (this is especially funny to me because most of the people proclaiming this are online publishers themselves) blogging is still the single-best place to build a home for your art, business or ideas on the web.

With that said, while self-hosted publishing has tons of benefits, it does leave you accountable to your data. This is actually a good thing, as you likely spend far too much time producing content to just give your in-depth ideas over for free to a corporate platform. How silly.

Since you are accountable for your data by being self-hosted, naturally you’ll want to ensure backups are happening server-side (most hosts will take a weekly snapshot at minimum). In WordPress there are also a slew of free plugins to backup your site and automate a quick email or download. I was using both these methods to have redundancies with backups. But I felt like it wasn’t enough. That’s why as soon as I heard WordPress was offering a blog protection service I was pretty much ready to buy.

Enter VaultPress, a premium service from Automattic specifically to protect WordPress. Not only is the process simple, intuitive and fast to setup but once configured you can sleep easy at night knowing your data is stored safely in the WordPress cloud. All of your data, not just content: settings, customizations, themes and plugins are included too.

Even better, the app is more than just a plugin – you get a health monitor on VaultPress to manage backups and restore-points in the cloud along with stats about backup event processing. Here’s a quick snapshot of my dashboard:

Yes, you pay a premium for this service. Personally I’m happy to do so, a service like this should not be free: they should provide resources, support and ongoing innovation. It’s for those who are serious about their blog and keeping it safe.

After I signed up and Tweeted about the service, the VaultPress team reached out to see if I’d be willing to write up a quick story about my experience. Of course I said yes (anything to help the makers of WordPress I’m all for).

So checkout my VaultPress story over on their blog.