CBS Files Copyright Claim Against Itself

Well you can’t make this stuff up. A CBS reporter embedded a video of one of their own pieces of content onto a CBS-owned web property. Only to have it soon yanked down by lawyers (or lawyer-bots – AKA auto-DMCA patrol). A Redditor got a screengrab of this gem before CBS edited the post:

Now the post reads, simply: Video of this incident is no longer available on YouTube. Much less embarassing than the original above, but of course too late to fix. The comments on the post are also quite amusing, with enough readers seeing it to generate a few reactions.

Seems like CBS was unwilling or unable to provide their own version of the clip for the web due to self-imposed (and self-restricting) rules, forcing their own reporter to upload a YouTube version. Or perhaps this reporter stumbled-upon the video on their own and decided to upload to the CBS blog because they weren’t able to easily find and embed a version hosted by their own company. Kind of absurd, if CBS is upset about the YouTube version they should easily be able to swap it out for one they host.

Either way you have to laugh at the world we live in when media companies are filing copyright claims against themselves. Rather than continue playing the infinite game of digital whack a mole, making themselves look bad and annoying their own fans (and own reporters!) perhaps it’s time they change their mindset to embrace the natural propagation of their content. Seems like it might be smarter to redesign their model and put the web to work for themselves instead of fighting it.

In other news: dog bites own tail.