50 Clever And Creative Images The Web Shared In 2010

As someone interested in what we share and why, I’ve been aggregating images that go popular on the social web for the last 3 years. The methodology for how I put them together is simple. I’m a member of multiple social sharing communities and save the best images that go hot as-it-happens to later sort and aggregate for you here.

There are a few reasons I’ve been doing this. One is I get feedback from readers saying they appreciate receiving a sampling of images shared throughout the year in one place (in case they missed some). The other is to help you – as someone interested in having your ideas shared. If you analyze the images that spread organically you’ll start to notice that there are clear archetypes of the winners.

So if you’re new to this site (or this series) start by checking out the following posts (which also provide more analysis/commentary on trends in viral images):

All caught up?  Great.

Continuing this series – following are 50 more images the web shared in 2010 (part 5).

Infographics, charts, and data visualizations

I guess the answer is simple enough

Facebook connections globally, visualized

Compelling infographic on colors & purchasing

image credit

Pretty cool infographic on odds – keep scrolling…

The college dilemma…

How money flows through the film industry

Who knew there were so many facts about Rubik’s Cubes?

MTV really needs to rename itself

How marketers used social media in 2010

Image credit (with larger version)

The meta infographic

image credit

Creative Photography

Probably one of my favorite shots of the year – but Tiger and his manager don’t look pleased

Plane flying in front of the moon during an eclipse in Bangkok, Thailand

Image credit

Rural sky vs. city sky

Beautiful Solstice in Iceland

Image credit

View of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco from above

Wisteria Tunnel at Pinces Gardens, Exeter

Lightning captured by X-Ray camera

image credit

Giant footprint in the snow

President Obama having a little fun


Hipster cat has her say

Philosoraptor ponders…

Bachelor frog makes an executive decision

That would be too easy…

Just a another day for Keanu

The Tiger meme won’t die


Clever advertisements

Actually, this makes sense

Got imagination?

Clever clever, BMW

McDonalds creates a modern sundial

Now that’s showing the product in the ad

The man your social news could smell like

Random, creative and clever

Steve can’t be pleased with this guy

BPs logo has been remixed all over the web

Do not mess with Batcat

The (now defunct) CatsForGold.com

Clever way to scare your neighbors

From 2009, but still good (and I just stumbled-upon it)

image credit

Interesting idea


via Quinky Art

Somewhere between like and dislike lives the meh button

This explains so much

The MS paper-clip has finally come to life

The lake delivers as promised

Odometer reaches Pi

More living artifacts?

Rhino motivational poster

This school designer was obviously inspired by Shoots and Ladders

Remember to shut your sunroof in the winter…or else, this:

Too easy?

Switzerland is pretty serious about catching speeders

Now this is a creative idea

Note:  if I used one of your images and you would like credit, please drop me a note and I’ll update with attribution. Unfortunately an overwhelming majority of users save content on various image hosting services without attribution – so it is difficult to provide that on every image (but I’ve done so where possible).

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