Web Analytics For Public Relations

Just one of my responsibilities as Digital Marketing Practice Director for LEWIS PR includes sharing best practices – with clients, internally and with the industry. With that in mind, a critical skill set for modern communications professionals is comprehension of web analytics.

I outlined this in a 2009 post addressing skills for PR and a 2010 post on tomorrow’s marketing skill set. Understanding web metrics was also highlighted in the PR fluency matrix.

Continuing this thinking – over on the LEWIS blog, I’ve started a series on web analytics for public relations I invite you to check out.

Part 1: Web Analytics For Public Relations: 3 Reasons To Embrace Them

Part 2: How Communications Pros Can Get Started With Web Analytics

Part 3: PR Analytics – Critical Metrics For PR Pros To Track/Trend

Data is no longer the domain of just marketers and analysts, rather it is now a requisite skill for all communications professionals. In future parts of this series, I’ll be exploring specific KPIs to track, advanced segmentation, creating accurate projections and other critical skills for PR pros to understand.

image credit: viviamo from Shutterstock