The Future Buzz Most Popular Posts – 2010 Edition

As it’s nearly the end of the year, I thought I’d share a round-up of what you, the readers here, found most interesting. To give a little context:  all posts on this blog were viewed in total more than 1,000,000 times this year. Following are the 10 most popular that were actually published in 2010.

1. 50 Viral Images The Web Shared In 2010

2. How I Build A 6 Figure Facebook Fan Page

3. Unnecessary Quotation Marks

4. How And Why To Reduce Meetings

5. Data Visualization And Infographics To Tell Your Story

6. Digital Marketing Strategy Development: 12 Common Problems

7. Architecting A Social Web Marketing And PR Strategy

8. The Ongoing Myth That Web Content Must Always Be Short

9. Viral Marketing 101 – Seeding Your Campaign

10. 700k Reasons Why NY Times Has An RSS Feed, Not A Facebook Page

Other fun facts about 2010 for me personally:

  • Moved from Minneapolis to San Fransisco to join global communications agency LEWIS PR
  • Worked with 20+ companies – start-ups to Fortune 50’s – on developing and implementing social media/SEO strategies
  • Drafted 132+ new posts for readers here at The Future Buzz and more than 25 posts at Online Marketing Blog
  • Spoke at 5 events including being a keynote speaker for an international association
  • Went car-free
  • Spent time all over the country – including New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami and Boston

Here is my wrap of 2009 if you want to see what happened last year.

Thank you for being a member of this community and I greatly looking forward to continued discussions.

Feel free to use the comments to let me know what you’d like more of in 2011 (post ideas, themes, etc.) and I’ll try and fulfill them.