Simplify your message and you increase the chances it will be remembered (vastly improving the changes it will actually get shared). Say too much and people will not only leave confused, they may never return.

Simplifying design to just the essentials focuses attention on less, improving user experience, mental efficiency and actions taken. Add noise and everything suffers.

Simplify your day to focus on what matters, putting everything you can’t control out of your mind and get far more done. Worrying about things you can’t control is a poor use of mental energy, cause of stress and illogical.

Strip away your art to its core essence and you’ll create something elegant and timeless. Clutter it with too many layers and it will look like everything else.

Complexity is standard and expected, simplicity is elegant and surprising because it’s daring. It requires confidence – you’re taking a chance that what you’re putting out there is good enough to stand on its own.

Complexity is more common because it provides room for excuses. If it has everything everyone wanted and fails, it’s easy to place blame. But going with less forces you to choose only the essential elements which creates a better product.

Adding more is easy, leaving things out is the challenge.